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December 2014 Archives

The American Disabilities Act and your rights

As an employee, it's important that you're treated fairly. As a person with a disability, you need to make sure that you are treated no differently than anyone else you work with, and if you are, you need to know how to rectify the situation. A news report from Dec. 24 has discussed how employers in Texas may not always be fair to their disabled employees; in fact, Texas employers have seen a significant number of payouts to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission over the last five years.

Is an employment contract good to use in Texas?

Employment contracts have a number of benefits to you as an employee. For instance, your employer will be restricted in the ways he or she can terminate you. So, there is no way an employer can simply terminate you on a whim or due to a clash of personalities. If that happens, then your contract may protect you and be used to fine or otherwise punish your employer.

Be protected while being a whistleblower against fraud in Texas

When you enter into an employment contract, it's binding. Unfortunately, sometimes the people you sign a contract with are committing fraud or other crimes, and you have to blow the whistle. You are protected by law if you have to be a whistleblower against a company that has committed fraud against the U.S. government. Essentially, if the company you work for is defrauding the government, you have the right to take action.

Zillow accused of having rampant sexual harassment at work

If you're a fan of searching for rental properties or new homes on Zillow in Texas, this news might interest you. According to a Dec. 3 report, several employees at Zillow have reported sexual harassment. One woman has sued Zillow claiming that she was a victim of "sexual torture" while she worked with the company. In fact, others have come forward and backed her claims.