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All employers in Laredo, and throughout Texas, are protected by employment law. Employment law comprises a wide range of laws and statutes that serve to protect employees from discrimination and unfair treatment in the workplace. Issues that employers in Laredo face range from discrimination and harassment to wage disputes and contract reviews.

As an employee, you have certain rights guaranteed by law that must be protected at all costs. If you have been the victim of discrimination or wrongful conduct during the course of your employment, one of the employment lawyers from our law firm can help you seek justice.

At Galo Law Firm, we have over three decades of experience in dealing with employment law issues. Our team of Laredo employment lawyers has helped our clients with a wide range of legal issues, including harassment, wrongful termination, discrimination, and much more. We have helped clients get settlements for the wrongs they have suffered both inside and outside of court, and we are dedicated to fighting for employees rights.

If you have suffered injustice at the hands of your employer or fellow employees in your workplace, you should contact one of the outstanding lawyers from our law firm today. We will discuss with you any legal issues you have and help ensure that your voice is heard.

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How Can a Laredo Employment Attorney Help Me?

More often than not, employees in Laredo fear coming up against their employers for wrongs they have suffered in the workplace. It can be financially and mentally strenuous to fight against your employer for your rights that are guaranteed under employment law. For this reason, many workers do not speak with employment attorneys to figure out what they can do for their case.

However, from our experience at Galo Law Firm, we know that having the right employment attorney by your side can help ensure that your rights are protected and that you get justice for the harm you have suffered. Employment lawyers can, first of all, help you understand your rights and advise you on what you are entitled to.

If your employment law attorney determines that you have suffered wrongdoing, they will fight to ensure that you are duly compensated. Once they take on your case, they can help you submit a claim to a government body, such as the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) or the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC).

TX lawyers will offer you necessary legal help including carrying out independent research on your case, helping you submit any necessary documents, negotiating with government bodies and your employer, and taking your case to court if necessary. A good lawyer will ensure to take the pressure off of you and fight for your right to equal and fair treatment under employment law.

Employment Law Issues in Laredo, TX

Employment law covers a vast range of issues that employers and employees deal with on a daily basis. Some issues that our lawyers can help you with include:

  • Discrimination If you have suffered discrimination in the workplace because of your membership of a protected class (race, religion, national origin, color, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, pregnancy status, disability), one of our lawyers can help you can file a discrimination claim against your employer.
  • Sexual harassmentThe law in Texas strictly prohibits sexual harassment in the workplace, which can include inappropriate touching, jokes, comments, and the exchange of photos and videos.
  • Wrongful terminationAlthough Texas is an “employee-at-will” state, state and federal law prohibits employers to fire you for certain unlawful reasons, including your membership of a protected class, medical reasons, pregnancy, filing a workplace claim, or having a physical or mental disability, among other reasons. One of our attorneys can help you file a wrongful dismissal claim against your employer to recover compensation, get your job back, or recover punitive damages from your employer.
  • Non-compete and trade secret agreementsIf you have previously entered an employment contract that includes a non-compete clause or limitations due to company trade secrets, we can help you understand your legal obligations and your right to work with other companies following the termination of your contract.
  • Overtime violationsAs per the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), your employer is required to pay you overtime for any extra hours you work, outside of the 40-hour standard work week. If this is not paid to you, you can take employment action against your employer.
  • Retaliation The law protects employees who make a complaint about their employer or colleagues to a government body. If you face discrimination or are fired as a direct result of a complaint that you lodged, you can bring a retaliation claim against your employer.

Regardless of the legal issue you are currently facing, our Laredo employment lawyers can help you with your case. Call our office today to discuss whether we can help you file an employment law claim.

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Employers in Texas have a right to be treated fairly and equally in the workplace. When an employer or another employee violates this right, you are entitled to seek legal help and get justice for any harm you have suffered.

At Galo Law Firm, we are dedicated to providing the highest standard of legal services. Our lead attorney, Michael V. Galo, who specializes in employment law, has attained a high degree of professional achievement and peer recognition on Super Lawyers, which is a rating service based on independent research and peer evaluations.

Our strong attorney-client relationship is based on our dedication to workers’ rights and our drive to bring justice to our clients. Once you schedule a consultation with us, we will discuss your case, offer your legal advice on how best to proceed, and fight tooth and nail to protect your employment rights.

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