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Locating, pursuing and landing a job can be a time-consuming, costly and often exhausting process. Once at your position, your commitment of talent, effort and time is valuable. If you are wrongfully terminated, you deserve the compensation and justice promised by employment laws and delivered by a skilled, experienced and hard-working employment law and wrongful termination lawyer in San Antonio.

San Antonio Unlawful Termination

In San Antonio, wrongful termination refers to an employer firing an employee for an unlawful reason. San Antonio, TX is classed as an “employment-at-will” state, meaning that an employer can terminate an employee at any given time as long as they have a legal reason to do so.

Unfortunately, many of our clients in the past have experienced unjust termination, sexual harassment, and even unlawful breaches of their employment contracts. In all of these cases, you have the right to speak out against your employer. We recommend talking to legal counsel, preferably an experienced, wrongful termination lawyer who specializes in this field.

Our employment attorney team at the Galo Law Firm will fight aggressively for your rights. We represent a multitude of different clients who have experienced illegal termination, employment discrimination, and unlawful wage/overtime pay. We boast over three decades of experience when it comes to fighting and representing clients with cases similar to yours.

So contact the Galo Law Firm today and arrange to have a consultation with one of our wrongful termination lawyers to give yourself the best chance at seeking compensation or punitive damages for your case.

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Unlawful Reasons to Terminate an Employment Contract in Texas

At the Galo Law Firm office, we have seen numerous reasons used by employers who have wrongfully terminated an employer’s contract. Some of them can be seen below:

  • Pregnancy If your employer fired you due to recently becoming pregnant.
  • Race, Color, or National Origin – If you have been fired due to any of these reasons, the employer may also be liable for any discriminatory reasons.
  • Medical Leave or Medical Conditions – Being fired for any type of medical condition or medical leave is unlawful.
  • Religion – Religion is your right. It is unlawful for any employer to fire you because of it.
  • Gender, sex, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation Once again being fired for any of these reasons is both discriminatory and unlawful, by firing you for any of these reasons your employer could be breaking federal laws.
  • Physical or Mental Disability Once hired and deemed okay to work by an employer, there should be no reason that your physical or mental disability should affect your work, and as such, would be a wrongful termination.

When fired, especially for any of the reasons above, you may be feeling stressed, confused, and don’t know what to do. We are here to tell you that a wrongful termination lawyer could help you get your job back, compensation for missing wages, and possibly, back pay for the work you have missed.

What Are The Fines and Damages for Wrongful Termination in Texas?

Many former employees may wonder if it’s worth the time, effort, and stress to sue their former employer for wrongful termination. At the very least, we would recommend finding a wrongful termination lawyer to talk to and have a consultation.

This is because far too many people assume that it will take too much time and money to speak out and sue your old employer. This isn’t the case however, a lot of times, providing we can prove wrongful termination, we might be able to find an out-of-court settlement solution.

If proven that you were wrongfully terminated, you could receive compensation for the time and the wages lost due to not working. You could receive your old job and you could receive back pay, future pay, and punitive damages.

With help from an experienced, wrongful termination lawyer, all of this is possible and you may not even have to take the case to trial, providing we can prove wrongful termination.

How To Prove Wrongful Termination in Texas

There are different classes when it comes to wrongful termination. Each class comes with different issues that the plaintiff must prove in court. First, you have to prove that the employment contract and relationship existed and ended by termination.

For The Following Claims, You Have To Prove The Following Elements:

Harassment At Work Claims

If you made a complaint to management about harassment in the workplace, you must prove that you made the complaint and were fired within a reasonable amount of time after the harassment complaint was made. Or prove that the termination was directly due to the complaint you put into work.

Discrimination At Work Claims

The employee must prove that discrimination was a motivating factor in their termination. Some of these factors could include; sex, age, race, color, or religion. If you can prove that your employer terminated your contract due to these reasons, then we can push for a wrongful termination case in or out of court.

Public Policy Claims

An employee, in this case, has to prove that they were fired for one of the following protected traits according to the public policy; exercising your constitutional rights, refusing to violate federal laws, state laws, or a statute. If you report this illegal act to the public and get fired because of that, you will also be protected under the public policy.

Breach of Contract Claims

You must prove that you had a contract with the employer and then show sufficient evidence that they have violated the permissions within your contract.

Expertise in All Texas Wrongful Termination Matters

The Galo Law Firm can help with all your wrongful termination matters. Our wrongful termination lawyers have not only a combined 3 decades of experience between them but are also known for making the effort to build an unrivaled attorney-client relationship with our clients.

If you feel like you have been discriminated against at work, wrongfully terminated, or believe that you are not being paid correctly, then there is no better firm to call than the Galo Law Firm.

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A man upset that he was unlawfully terminated for whistleblowing. If you were fired without a cause it is crucial to contact unlawful termination lawyers as soon as possible.

Our Wrongful Termination Law Firm in San Antonio Can Hold Employers Accountable

Employers have terminated employees illegally for an almost endless list of reasons.

Common circumstances regarding wrongful termination claims include:

  • Discrimination for age, race, sex/gender, color, creed and national origin
  • Retaliation for discrimination, wage and hour, sexual harassment, workers’ compensation retaliation, qui tam and whistleblower claims
  • An employee’s refusal to commit an illegal act
  • An employee’s report of nursing home, day care and hospital negligence and abuse
  • Illegal termination regarding disease and disability
  • Dismissal without regard to the termination process agreed upon in an employment contract

Our wrongful termination lawyer in San Antonio has helped numerous people successfully fight hostile work environments and their wrongful termination claims and receive the compensation they deserve. An experienced wrongful termination lawyer can identify your rights as a private or government employee, ascertain illegal steps taken by your employer and negotiate or litigate an outcome that justly awards compensation and damages.

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If you feel your employer fired you at work without a cause, or unjustly do not face this alone. Get answers. Our wrongful termination attorney can review your case, the federal and state employment laws and, if applicable, your employment contract, and will provide experienced, aggressive and committed legal representation both in and out of court. 

Our Texas wrongful termination law firm is proud to represent clients throughout Texas including San Antonio, Brownsville, Austin, Laredo, Corpus Christi, Webb County, and across Southern Texas. 

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