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Whether you are an executive, construction worker, or engineer in Texas, your rights as a worker are protected under state and federal law. This includes the right to a fair wage, to be free from discrimination, and to not be wrongfully terminated, amongst others. As an employer in Texas, you also have a duty to ensure that your employee’s rights are protected at all costs.

At Galo Law Firm, we help both employers and employees with all employment issues that they have. In our law firm, we have been handling employment dispute cases for over 30 years and helping clients get the fairest possible outcome for their cases. Our Brownsville employment lawyers are highly dedicated to protecting workers’ rights and we have the skills necessary to win your case.

Our lawyers counsel clients on a wide range of employment law issues and employment agreements and we will fight aggressively to ensure that your case is successful. We en3sure to give equal importance to each case that comes through our door, and we prioritize quality over quantity, meaning our goal is not to hire lots of clients but rather to dedicate all of our time to the ones we have.

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Employment Lawyers at Galo Law Firm

When hiring a Brownsville employment lawyer, you should ensure that you are getting the highest standard of legal aid possible. Many law firms take on hundreds of cases at a time and are unable to dedicate the time required for individual matters. At Galo Law Firm, we commit ourselves to handle each employment matter with equal importance.

As your legal representative, we will guide you through the ins and outs of employment law, advise you on your legal options, negotiate, and fight aggressively on your behalf in a South Texas court.

Our lead attorney, Michael V. Galo, has significant experience dealing with employment law matters both in and out of court and is recognized by the Texas State Bar Association. He has been recognized in Super Lawyers, the Thomson Reuters rating service, and is Board Certified in labor and employment law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

With his years of hard work, dedication to client’s cases, and fierce litigation in court, the firm has built up a strong attorney-client relationship in Brownsville, TX.

Employment Matters We Deal With in Brownsville, TX

Our law firm deals with all different types of employment law matters. We have experience bringing administrative cases to boards such as the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC), and National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). When these are not an option, we have helped our clients bring employment lawsuits against their employers for different matters, and have helped employers defend their cases.

Wrongful Termination

As Texas is an “employment-at-will” state, employers reserve the right to fire their employees at any time and for any legal reason or no reason at all. However, there are certain ‘illegal reasons’ that employers can not use as a reason to fire their employees, based on state and federal laws and acts.

Some illegal reasons include:

  • Membership of a Protected Class such as race, age, religion, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, and disability status.
  • Pregnancy.
  • Filing a workplace claim against your employers, such as a worker’s compensation or Occupational Safety and Hazard Administration (OSHA) claim.
  • Refusing to commit an illegal act for your employer.
  • Engaging in a ‘protected activity’ such as reporting harassment or violations in the workplace.
  • Whistleblowing.

In the event that your employer fires you for any of these reasons or a similar illegal reason, you should seek help from a Brownsville employment lawyer who can file a wrongful termination lawsuit on your behalf.

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is strictly prohibited in the workplace under state and federal laws. Harassment can include inappropriate comments, sexual jokes, circulating sexual photos around the workplace, inappropriate touching, requesting sexual favors in exchange for a promotion, and creating a hostile work environment.

If you are the victim of workplace sexual harassment or retaliation for speaking up against sexual harassment, a Brownsville employment lawyer can help you get justice.

Wage and Hour Disputes

There are certain state and federal laws in place to ensure that workers are paid fairly and on time. These laws give guidance to employers on how they should pay their employees and what their entitlements are. The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) provides that workers should be paid overtime, which is at least their regular rate plus a half, for any hours worked over 40 per week.

Further, employers are legally required under federal law to pay their workers a minimum wage, which is $7.25 per hour. Our law firm deals with many wage and hour disputes resulting from unpaid overtime or getting paid less than the minimum wage. We can help you file an administrative claim or bring a lawsuit.

Discrimination Law

Discrimination in the workplace is strictly prohibited in Texas under federal and state law. This includes discrimination regarding hiring, advancement, or any decision relating to your employment. Discrimination can be:

  • Racial.
  • Age discrimination.
  • Disability discrimination.
  • Gender-based discrimination, including pregnancy and gender identity.
  • Discrimination on the grounds of your religion or belief system.

There are federal acts to protect employees from discrimination such as the Equal Pay Act (1963) and Civil Rights Act (1964). At the state level, the Texas Commission on Human Rights Act prohibits discrimination in the workplace on the grounds of membership in a protected group.

Employment Contracts

Our attorneys can help you with drafting and reading labor and employment contracts. If you are an employee, we can ensure that the payment, bonuses, termination clause, and leave benefits are in line with your verbal agreement and our attorneys can help you understand the contract.

As an employer, our attorneys can help you draft the contract to ensure that it is in line with employment law principles and that it is legally sound.

Qualities of an Experienced Employment Lawyer in Brownsville, TX.

When paying for legal services, you want to ensure that your employment lawyer has the skills and experience necessary to win your case. We have listed some qualities that you should consider when hiring an employment lawyer in Brownsville, TX.


You should ensure that your lawyer is based in Texas and has significant experience dealing with Texas laws. Some law firms operate all over the country which makes it more difficult for them to stay up to date on local laws in Texas, get to know judges, and know how the courts operate in Brownsville and the surrounding areas.

Our law firm is based in San Antonio Texas and has been helping clients all over the state and the Brownsville area for over three decades. Our attorneys are well-versed in local employment law and know how the local system works.

Awards and Recognitions

An excellent lawyer should have legal awards and recognitions pertaining to their experience and skills as an employment lawyer. Our lead attorney, Michael V. Galo, has attained a wide range of awards and honors for his dedication to employment law and client rights in Texas. He has attained a rating score of 10.0 on AVVO, which is the highest score attainable.

In addition, he has been rated on the Super Lawyers rating system for the past 15 years, has been named as “Lawyer of the Year” in employment law by Best Lawyers on three occasions, and is recognized in the “Best Lawyers of America 2023” for his work in employment law and litigation.

Labor and Employment Law Focused

Many law firms in Texas deal with a wide range of practice areas, ranging from employment law to personal injury and even criminal defense law. Law firms that do not have a specialty or a particular focus often lack the expertise in employment law necessary to win a case.

With a law firm that focuses primarily on employment law, you will be dealing with lawyers who have spent their legal career navigating the employment legal system, reading through acts, drafting up contracts, and helping clients with a wide range of issues. At Galo Law Firm, we have been handling employment cases for over three decades, and we are highly skilled in dealing with employment matters.

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If you are facing an employment law issue in Brownsville Texas, such as workplace discrimination, wrongful termination, harassment, wage and hour dispute, or enforcement of a contract, you should seek legal assistance from a local employment attorney as soon as possible.

At Galo Law Firm, we have the legal experience necessary to help you with your case and ensure that you get the highest standard of legal representation possible. Our law office has been helping our clients with employment law cases for over three decades and is highly skilled in all employment matters.

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