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Every worker deserves a safe and respectful workspace, free from any type of harassment, especially harassment of a sexual nature.

Since it can be difficult to anticipate when workplace sexual harassment may arise, it’s important to stay attentive and take action if you witness any inappropriate behavior in the workplace.

Texas has strict policies against any kind of sexual harassment, which extends to unwanted advances, requests for sexual favors, inappropriate touching, sharing inappropriate content, and any other conduct of a sexual nature that can make people uncomfortable at work.

Those affected by workplace sexual harassment may find it challenging to come forward with their experiences for fear of retaliation, continued harassment, or discrimination.

Fortunately, there are many options for victims of sexual harassment in Texas. Victims may be entitled to financial compensation for their suffering, along with the potential to bring about lasting changes in their workplace. By reporting sexual harassment, an individual can not only obtain justice for themself but can help protect other workers in the future.

Sexual harassment stretches to different legal categories depending on the nature of the case. At Galo Law Firm, our attorneys are well-experienced in all employment law and are prepared to address any area where a sexual harassment case may be positioned.

Our attorneys at The Galo Law Firm know both sides of sexual harassment cases. With experience prosecuting and defending, we can help you take legal action against your employer or colleague as well as defend you if allegations have come your way. Whether you are an employer or an employee, The Galo Law Firm can provide the legal expertise and guidance you need to navigate this challenging and sensitive area of the law.

If you’re facing a sexual harassment claim or lawsuit in Corpus Christi, Texas, The Galo Law Firm can help. Our legal team can overview your case, determine your options, defend your rights, and seek justice on your behalf.

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What Is Considered Sexual Harassment in the State of Texas?

Sexual harassment can be recognized in many forms, spanning from something as simple as asking for a kiss or date to more extreme acts, such as direct requests for sexual favors or intercourse. Sexual harassment is generally acknowledged as unwelcome sexual advances, comments, or requests. The conduct can be verbal or physical and does not have to be related to a person’s sex or gender to be considered harassment.

Both state labor laws and Title VII of the civil rights act protect employees from sexual harassment. These laws apply to any business with at least 15 staff members.

All Texas employers and business owners should be aware of these laws and the repercussions if they are violated. Such behavior at work can not only cost an employer money but negatively affect the work environment and overall employee morale.

It’s common for employees to be unsure about the laws and policies regarding sexual harassment. This can lead to workers questioning whether their experiences are worth reporting or even recognizable as sexual harassment.

Whether certain or worried that you have been sexually harassed in the workplace, we urge you to reach out to an employment lawyer to assess your case.

Types of Sexual Harassment Claims

Sexual harassment claims can be pursued differently depending on the situation but are generally approached in two ways: hostile work environment or quid pro quo claim.

Hostile Work Environment

The severity of workplace hostility can both range and take on different forms. Workplace hostility can consist of blatant abuse to subtle behavior that hurts the person being targeted. It’s characterized by any unwanted and unwelcome behavior that could make the victim feel threatened, humiliated, or insulted at work.

A hostile work environment can stem from a single incident, but more often involves repeated behavior. It can occur amongst colleagues or between management and staff.

A hostile work environment caused by sexual harassment is not only uncomfortable but can be a violation of the law. A hostile work environment should be addressed promptly to ensure the safety and health of employees.

Quid Pro Quo

Quid pro quo sexual harassment involves the withholding of workplace benefits in exchange for a sexual favor. It could be obvious to the individual, or the intentions may be hinted at.

In quid pro quo harassment, the harasser is typically someone with authority over the victim, such as a manager or supervisor. This power imbalance makes it easier for the harasser to manipulate someone into performing sexual favors. Colleagues can also exploit this dynamic by threatening a coworker if they don’t comply with a request of a sexual nature.

Employers can be liable for quid pro quo harassment when a worker with authority, or the power to make decisions regarding employees, commits quid pro quo harassment. Most often, people who have authority in the workplace, such as managers, supervisors, or directors, are responsible for quid pro quo sexual harassment.

Quid pro quo harassment can be subtle and doesn’t have to involve direct requests from the person receiving the favor. For instance, a boss may pressure an employee to perform a sexual act for a customer to secure a deal. Any instance where sexual acts are proposed as an exchange for workplace benefits can be considered quid pro quo sexual harassment and is a violation of workers’ rights. Any perpetrators of quid pro quo sexual harassment can face criminal charges under state and federal law.

Forms of Workplace Sexual Harassment

  • Proposing sexual favors in exchange for employment or promotion opportunities, either explicitly or implicitly
  • Requests or threats for sexual favors
  • Verbal harassment of a sexual nature, including innuendoes or comments related to gender or sexual orientation
  • Unwelcome physical contact or touching
  • Unwelcome sexual advances
  • Discussing sexual relations or stories at work
  • Performing sexual acts on oneself or exposing oneself at work
  • Unwanted sexually explicit photos, emails, or text messages
  • Sexual assault

Sexual harassment is not limited to just the work environment; it can occur in educational settings, after-hours chats, hallway conversations, and between employees who interact outside of the office.

Filing a Sexual Harassment Claim in Corpus Christi

Before taking legal action, it’s recommended first to go through the proper channels of your employer and report any harassment you may have experienced to them directly. Most reputable businesses have designated procedures for this, which should be outlined in an employee handbook.

However, if you disagree with how your employer handled your complaint, you can file a claim with the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) or the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). These agencies will review the case and determine if the harassment was at play.

Don´t wait until you’ve filed your claim to seek legal advice, we recommend employees consult with a qualified attorney as soon as their worries arise. Discussing your circumstances with an employment lawyer before filing a claim can safeguard your rights and ensure that you are aware of any potential risks.

Deadlines on Sexual Harassment Claims in Texas

Time is of the essence when filing a sexual harassment claim. In Texas, victims of harassment have a time limit of 180 days to file their claim with either the TWC or EEOC. Workers are allowed to cross-file with both organizations if needed. Depending on the circumstances within the cases, this time limit can be extended up to 300 days from the date of the incident.

We encourage any worker with doubt concerning sexual harassment to speak with a lawyer as swiftly as possible. An attorney can ensure that you are filing the correct forms in a valid time period. Getting an experienced lawyer sooner can strengthen your case before your opponent has time to compile their defense. This can give you valuable extra time for collecting crucial evidence to support your claim.

Defending Employers Against Sexual Harassment Claims in Corpus Christi

Sexual harassment claims made by employees against their employers are unfortunately all too common in Corpus Christi, TX. These types of claims can have serious consequences for both the employee and the employer, including damage to reputations, loss of income, and legal penalties. Employers in Corpus Christi have a legal responsibility to provide a safe and harassment-free workplace for their employees, and those who fail to do so may face legal action. 


Employers must take all allegations of sexual harassment seriously and take steps to investigate them thoroughly. It is important to have a clear understanding of the legal framework surrounding sexual harassment, including state and federal laws and regulations. Employers can work with legal professionals to develop effective strategies for defending against such claims, which may include conducting internal investigations, implementing policies and procedures to prevent future incidents, and defending against legal action through negotiation or litigation.


Defending employers against sexual harassment claims requires a deep understanding of the relevant laws and regulations, as well as the ability to mount a strong legal defense. The Galo Firm also specializes in defending employers against sexual harassment claims and lawsuits. With our expertise in defending employers against sexual harassment claims and lawsuits, our labor law lawyers can help businesses protect their interests and reputation while also ensuring that employees are treated with respect and dignity in the workplace. Our trusted labor law attorneys understand the importance of protecting the reputation and integrity of its clients, and work tirelessly to achieve the best possible outcome for them. With a commitment to professionalism and excellence, The Galo Firm is a trusted and reliable ally for employers in Corpus Christi, TX. 

Work With a Sexual Harassment Attorney at The Galo Law Firm

Time can be a critical factor for those seeking to report a sexual harassment claim, and the sooner you start working with a lawyer, the better. An attorney can help you navigate the process step-by-step and keep you informed throughout each phase of the case.

At The Galo Law Firm, our attorneys can take into account the specifics of your case to give you an in-depth analysis of your options under employment law. A lawyer can dig deep into the details of the incident, investigating any inappropriate behavior and any possible acts of retaliation, to protect your maximum rights.

Sexual Harassment Lawyers in Corpus Christi, Texas

If you’ve faced any form of sexual harassment in Corpus Christi Texas, The Galo Law Firm has a team of dedicated and compassionate sexual harassment lawyers that can guide you through the legal process with the utmost care.

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