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Fighting for the Fair Treatment of Employees

Anyone that attends a workplace anywhere across America deserves to be treated fairly and judged on their own merits and performance. However, there are numerous preconceptions that still plague workplaces in the city of Austin, TX, spanning everything from sexual harassment and sex discrimination to concerted efforts to lower someone’s self-esteem.

Whether it is discrimination based on education, race, or even something as inconsequential as natural hair color, an individual has the right to voice their concerns. Cases of discrimination in Texas can often lead to investigations and, in some cases, legal action.

If you feel you’ve been discriminated against in Texas and want to explore your legal options, Galo Law Firm is here to help. Our Austin discrimination lawyers have helped hundreds of employees with discrimination cases throughout Texas.

Our discrimination lawyers in Austin help our clients in claims against employers where they feel their civil rights have been infringed. We work on both sides of the courtroom, so if you’re an employer needing to defend yourself against a discrimination claim, we can help defend you all the way to facing a federal jury if required.

Our discrimination attorneys are standing by for an initial consultation and will examine ways in which you can be compensated for discrimination and harassment. Call our office now and speak to an Austin discrimination lawyer at 210-361-8043.

A black man sitting alone while his coworkers talk together in the background. If you're experiencing discrimination at work a discrimination lawyer in Austin can help.

Understanding Discrimination in the Workplace

Discrimination takes numerous forms. From race and sex to appearance and background, there is no limit on how an individual’s rights may be infringed. Effectively, discrimination describes any unfair treatment based not on your qualities in the workplace, but on who you are and how you look.

Common form of workplace discrimintation include:

Anti-discrimination laws are not just a Texas concern. Rules are in place at a federal level to protect civil rights. However, they can be difficult to understand, and challenging someone under these laws can be both stressful and emotional.

One of the major concerns among employees that report harassment or discrimination involves retaliation. They worry that access to the workplace may be restricted based on their accusations. This is also protected by law. Anyone that loses their job due to making a discrimination-based report may have strong grounds to file a case against their employer.

Your Austin discrimination lawyer will also consider racial discrimination. Decisions taken in the workplace based on national origin or anything to do with appearance, such as hair texture, may result in a legal case, complete with back pay and future damages.

Unfortunately, no Texas city is entirely safe from discrimination, but Galo Law Firm will dispense services to any person to ensure their rights are respected.

Our discrimination attorneys in Austin understand that nobody takes pride in creating disruption at work, but we also believe that a person’s suitability for a role should be based solely on their capabilities – not because of their appearance or beliefs.

Austin is a diverse city, which is part of what makes it so special. The community reflects all sorts of different beliefs and approaches, which is why Texas boasts three of America’s ten most diverse cities.

Our discrimination lawyers firmly believe in civil rights and help clients in all sorts of situations. From being passed over for a promotion due to pregnancy to race-based hair discrimination, we are always on hand to guide people in Austin and surrounding areas through receiving fair and equal treatment.

Reporting Discrimination to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Discrimination hurts and if you’ve experienced it in the workplace, there’s every chance you have a lot on your mind. However, it is vital to remember that Texas law requires anyone reporting harassment or discrimination to do so within a set deadline.

Specifically, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission requires any complaints made to be filed with them within 300 days of the event taking place. While a lawsuit or other aspects of the case may last longer than this, it is essential to make the initial legal complaint in Austin within this deadline, and a discrimination lawyer from Galo Law Firm can help make that happen.

Overcome Workplace Discrimination With The Galo Law Firm P.C.

At The Galo Law Firm P.C., our discrimination attorneys believe in a respectful and open world. Texas law protects those that are unable to enjoy the benefits of such a world and our Austin discrimination lawyers serve the community to ensure that this respect is upheld.

We focus on employment law, so whether you have a particular grievance with a specific department or wish to appeal a decision you believe has been discrimination-based, our employment lawyers in Austin will do all we can not only to put things right but to achieve relevant compensation.

Our services extend from initial complaints all the way through to the court system. If necessary, we will represent you all the way through to appealing for compensatory and punitive damages.

The former covers lost wages, medical bills, and any other costs or financial losses associated with discriminatory practices. The latter punishes the employer responsible for the hostile environment.

We work closely with the Austin city council and with clients across Austin and surrounding areas and will help you understand your legal options. Call us for an initial consultation today at 210-361-8043.

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