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Although there have been significant improvements over the past number of years, discrimination remains a huge problem in the workplace throughout Texas. All workers in Texas and throughout the United States have a right to be treated fairly and to not be discriminated against when it comes to employment, promotions, or everyday life in the workplace.

If you are a citizen of Laredo TX that has been discriminated against in the workplace, it is important that you speak with an experienced discrimination lawyer as soon as possible. There are many state and federal laws in place protecting workers against discrimination and you reserve the right to speak out against discrimination and recover compensation for the harm you have suffered.

At The Galo Law Firm, we offer legal services to clients that suffered from discrimination in the workplace. Our law office specializes in helping clients bring legal claims against their employer or the perpetrator of the discrimination to ensure that they receive justice. Our discrimination lawyers in Laredo have helped hundreds of clients win their cases against discrimination and we have the necessary experience to help you win your case.

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What is Discrimination in Laredo, TX?

Discrimination in Texas can be defined under state and federal law as discrimination against a worker on the basis of sex, sexual orientation, race, religion, color, gender or gender identity, national origin, age, pregnancy, or disability. Employers and managers are prohibited under law to make any decision about your employment based on one of these factors.

Workplace discrimination may come in the form of wrongful termination, sexual harassment, racial discrimination, discrimination based on your age, disability discrimination, being denied a promotion based on membership of a protected group, or creating a hostile work environment. Our discrimination lawyers in Laredo TX can advise you on whether you have a valid discrimination case.

Federal Law on Discrimination

The federal legal system is dedicated to fighting against discrimination and providing equality for all citizens of the US. There are certain federal acts that serve to protect groups against discrimination and employers are required to abide by these acts.

  • Civil Rights Act 1964 – This act prohibits discrimination based on membership of a protected group, namely on the grounds of color or race, national origin, gender, religion, and pregnancy status.
  • Americans with Disabilities Act 1990 and Rehabilitation Act of 1973 – Both of these acts serve to protect persons with disabilities from suffering discrimination in all walks of life.
  • Age Discrimination in Employment Act 1967 – This act prohibits discrimination on the grounds of age.
  • Equal Pay Act of 1963 – This act prohibits employers from discriminating in the payment of wages on the grounds of sex.
  • The Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978 – Prohibits employer discrimination on the basis of childbirth or pregnancy.

There are additional federal statutes and acts that serve to further protect vulnerable people in the US from discrimination. The Texas Commission on Human Rights Act also prohibits firing, denying employment, and discriminating with compensation and conditions of employment on the basis of age, sex, race, disability, age, national origin, and race.

Types of Workplace Discrimination in Laredo, TX

There are many different types of workplace discrimination prohibited under employment law and all victims are entitled to be remedied for any harm they have suffered. Some different types of discrimination we have seen in our law office include:

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is still a huge problem in Laredo workplaces. There are state and federal laws in place to protect workers from suffering sexual harassment and discrimination, however, it is still a common occurrence. Some examples of sexual harassment include:

  • Inappropriate comments or jokes about your sex, sexual orientation, or gender identity.
  • Inappropriate touching.
  • Sending sexual pictures of a colleague throughout the workplace.
  • Request for sex in exchange for a promotion, favor, or other.
  • Any form of sexual assault.

If you have suffered sexual harassment at work it is important that you speak out against the perpetrator. You have a right to feel safe in your workplace and when this is violated you should be compensated for the harm you have endured.

Disability Discrimination

The Americans with Disabilities Act 1990 protects all disabled workers from being discriminated against based on a present or past disability. It is forbidden to discriminate against a person based on their disability in relation to employment, promotions, or within the working environment. If you have been treated differently in the workplace because of your disability, denied a promotion, or denied employment, our lawyers can help you recover compensation.

Age Discrimination

Your employer is prohibited under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act from treating you differently based on being aged 40 or older. In some cases, our clients have faced legal issues such as being denied promotions or prevented from applying for certain jobs based on their age. Our lawyers have been able to help these clients recover compensation for lost earnings and potential earnings based on this discrimination.

Retaliation Under Employment Law in Laredo, TX

In our law offices, we have helped many clients who have received a wrongful termination based on grounds of retaliation. If you make a claim against your employer for discrimination or a legal issue, you are legally protected and your employer is prohibited from firing you.

If you spoke up against an instant of discrimination by your employer, and you were fired as a result, you can bring a retaliation claim against them. Our lead attorney, Michael V. Galo, has extensive experience with retaliation cases and has tried a number of these cases at trial in Texas.

Remedies For Workplace Discrimination in Laredo, TX

The Civil Rights Act of 1991 sets out that victims of intentional discrimination are entitled to remedies for their harm. In order to recover compensation for the harm you have suffered, you will need to file a discrimination claim against your employer. It is important that you seek the help of one of our employment lawyers who can help you with your case.

Some damages that you may be entitled to include:

  • Reinstatement of your job.
  • Lost wages, including future and past wages.
  • Emotional and physical anguish caused by the discrimination.
  • Any lost benefits.
  • Attorneys and legal fees.
  • Punitive damages in some extreme cases.

The amount of compensation you can receive from a claim depends on the type of damages you are entitled to. The right lawyer can ensure that you get fairly compensated for the harm you have suffered by building a strong discrimination case on your behalf.

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