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Holding Employers Accountable For Retaliation

We are taught from a young age that if we do the right thing, we will be rewarded. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case in the workplace. Very often, an employee who suffers unlawful discrimination or harassment in the workplace is faced with a tough decision: report the illegal and discriminatory acts of his or her employer, or sit silently and endure the discrimination or harassment.

What many people do not know is that there are a number of powerful laws that protect employees from retaliation. To find out more, contact The Galo Law Firm P.C., in San Antonio. Call 866-882-3409 to speak to an attorney about retaliation in the workplace.

We Can Help You Speak Out Against An Employer

At The Galo Law Firm P.C., we represent employees who have spoken out against their employers’ wrongful, illegal and discriminatory acts, including:

  • Sexual harassment
  • Age discrimination
  • Racial discrimination
  • Pregnancy discrimination
  • Disability discrimination
  • Religious discrimination
  • Accounting fraud
  • Misuse of company money
  • Violation of state or federal laws

We Can Help You Recognize Retaliation When It Happens

Bear in mind that retaliation may take many forms. It may include:

  • Termination from employment
  • Reduction in pay
  • Reduction in hours
  • Changes to schedule
  • Demotion
  • Denial of promotion

Don’t allow your employer to punish you for exercising your legally protected rights. Whether you are considering exposing your employer’s actions, or you already have, remember you may be protected from retaliation under federal and state law.  The Galo Law Firm P.C., has a comprehensive understanding of retaliation and whistleblower protection laws, and is committed to using those laws to protect you.

If you have experienced retaliation in the workplace because you reported the illegal actions of your employer, contact The Galo Law Firm P.C.

Wage and Hour Issues

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Have you spoken up against your employer’s acts when you or a co-worker has been harassed or discriminated against? If you have experienced retaliation in the workplace, contact San Antonio lawyer Michael Galo today. We are open from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Call 866-882-3409.