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Every employee should expect fair treatment when working in Austin, TX, and employees in Texas are protected by employment law in numerous key areas. These laws span both state and federal levels and ensure that employees are safe from discrimination and harassment.

However, employment law is just like any other regulation, and businesses can occasionally break the rules that govern their operations. This may be intentional, or could just be because the business in question is not fully versed in legal expectations surrounding employment and Austin labor law.

If you have concerns about whether your rights are being respected or feel that your employer may be in breach of their responsibilities, it is time to speak with an Austin employment lawyer. Serious breaches of employment law regulations can lead to a lawsuit and compensation. At the very least, working with an Austin labor law attorney means you can ensure you receive the wages you deserve and assert your rights in cases of conflict.

Galo Law Firm is well-versed in Texas employment law and has represented workers from all backgrounds and across numerous industries. Our clients receive professional advice to ensure the company they work for does all it can to meet legal requirements.

Our labor law attorneys serve Austin and surrounding locations throughout Texas, and our services ensure the full attention of a lawyer that puts you first.

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Key Labor Laws for Employees in the Austin Area

Many employees fail to receive the treatment they deserve because they’re unaware of the labor laws covering their employment. When you need a job and are more focused on your wages than any legal concerns, it’s easy to let things slide.

However, employment law and associated regulations are in place for a reason, as they protect individuals and their rights, ensuring they’re not exploited and receive fair treatment and compensation for the role performed.

These laws are a right, not an optional contractual extra, and any company willing to hire someone should also be happy to meet these requirements.

Your labor law attorney will be able to discuss the specifics of your role as soon as you contact our Austin, TX law office, but here are some of the most important regulations in the state.

Minimum Wage

The minimum wage in Texas reflects the federal law and stands at $7.25 per hour. Some employees, such as student workers, those engaged in the production of livestock, and anyone working at certain recreational establishments are exempt from minimum wage regulations.

Anyone in a role that is not exempt should expect their wage to sit at or above this number. Your employer should provide a written statement of wages, and you are entitled to request higher pay in cases where your labor is not compensated according to these regulations.

The Texas Minimum Wage Act determines how much Austin businesses should pay, and if your payments fall below this level, your labor law lawyer can help assert your right to a raise.

Payment Frequency

Texas also has an employment law dictating how often people should be paid. Anyone exempt from this regulation should be compensated at least once a month. Non-exempt labor should be paid at least twice each calendar month.

Where a worker receives their pay twice each month, it should reach them on the 1st and 15th of that month.


In most cases, any firm in Texas that withholds wages from an employee should have a legal reason to do so. This could be due to a court-ordered garnishment of wages to pay outstanding fines or other debts.

Workers should have clear insight into how this process works, along with access to standard claim forms to complete when wages may be withheld.


Texas law does not specifically account for overtime, but services rendered outside contracted hours remain subject to federal law. While some workers are exempt from the Fair Labor Standards Act, overtime should typically be paid for any hours worked beyond 40 each week, and paid at 1.5 times the standard pay rate.

Anyone that regularly works for more than 40 hours per week and does not receive additional payments may be entitled to compensation for hours already worked.

Leaving a Job, Severance Pay, and Final Payments

Texas is an at-will state, and, as such, a worker can terminate their employment at any time, as can the employer. While there are no specific laws around severance pay, an individual may be able to obtain compensation if they do not receive compensation to which they are legally entitled according to their employment contract.

In cases of final payments, an employee that leaves voluntarily must be paid any outstanding amounts as part of the standard pay cycle. When an employee is terminated without their consent, they must receive any outstanding wages within six days of termination.

Breaks and Vacations

There are no legal requirements around breaks during the workday, other than that breaks of under 20 minutes in length must be paid as normal. Employers are not obliged to pay for lunch breaks of 30 minutes or longer, but unpaid time is considered the employee’s own and they cannot be encouraged to carry out professional duties while not being paid for their time.

Vacations are not protected by law either. In most cases, a firm at which someone carries out their employment will have its own vacation directives, with both parties bound by the contractual agreement.

What Legal Counsel Can Do For You

Any issues with employment law can be difficult to address alone. Many employers believe they can push the boundaries on the laws affecting employees, as many workers worry about employer retaliation or otherwise jeopardizing their job.

An experienced Austin labor law attorney can provide advice on concerns around discrimination, harassment, and any other issues faced by clients throughout the course of employment. They are not only knowledgeable in the law itself but will work tirelessly to protect the rights of clients if they need to make a claim against a business.

At Galo Law Firm, our labor law attorneys in Austin pride ourselves on applying the human touch to every consultation. Our employment lawyers represent employees in disputes with employers and ensure you have access to vast legal expertise. Your labor law attorney might look to broker a deal and explain every stage of the process, but will be by your side if your employment law issue ultimately goes to trial.

When it comes down to it, workers in Texas have rights as part of their employment, and if those rights aren’t respected, we will work to assist you in upholding those rights – and getting paid for any past transgressions by an employer.

When you hire a lawyer, you have an employment law expert on your side. That means you know what to expect and have someone fighting your case without needing to deal with the business directly. That leaves our clients to focus on doing an excellent job in their current employment or to move on to another job that better suits their life goals.

Frequently Asked Questions About Labor Law in Austin, Tx

Does Texas require a 10-minute break for every 4 hours worked?

There are no laws in Texas to force a business to allow regular breaks for employees. However, a firm will often have its own policies as part of the employment contract or handbook. Any breaks of less than 20 minutes in length must, however, be paid by the business by law.

How many days can an employer work you without a day off in Texas?

The days and hours worked in Austin, Tx is generally a matter between the business and its labor. As such, there are no legal precedents for the number of consecutive days worked. The only alteration to this involves retail employees. The Texas Labor Code dictates that anyone involved in retail sales cannot work for seven consecutive days.

What are my rights as an employee in Texas?

As an at-will state, Texas generally enables an employee and a business to terminate employment at any time and for any reason. However, while in employment, there are numerous conditions around minimum wage and overtime that must be respected. Lawyers will be able to advise a client on what they should expect based on their individual circumstances, and also recommend the next course of action where required.

What is the basic rule of Texas employment law?

The basic rule of Texas employment law involves employment at will. In practice, this means that anyone involved in the employment relationship can alter their terms or cease employment for any reason and without notice unless otherwise covered by a contract.

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