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Zillow accused of having rampant sexual harassment at work

If you’re a fan of searching for rental properties or new homes on Zillow in Texas, this news might interest you. According to a Dec. 3 report, several employees at Zillow have reported sexual harassment. One woman has sued Zillow claiming that she was a victim of “sexual torture” while she worked with the company. In fact, others have come forward and backed her claims.

Speaking about the company, the woman’s attorney claimed that there were a number of people who had come forward with inquiries and questions about sexual harassment at the company, leading him to think it could be a major problem. This woman’s case, the start of most of this litigation, claims that during her two-year or longer stay at the company, he male supervisors ranked her according to her breast size, sent her photos of their penises, and even went as far as to demand obedience and sexual gratification for her to keep her job.

Her lawsuit claims that her employers lewdly propositioned her and sent vulgar text messages. These were presented as evidence with her lawsuit. She also argues that she was retaliated against because she wouldn’t perform the requested sexual acts. Zillow has responded to the statements and said it takes the case seriously; it claims the person responsible at the Irvine office was terminated.

This case hasn’t had a verdict yet, so it will be interesting to see what the court has to say about the hostile work environment. What’s clear is that it’s never okay to have to work in these situations. If you’ve been facing harassment, talk to someone with legal knowledge; you may be able to seek money and other forms of compensation for your suffering.

Source: Housing Wire, “Mark Geragos: More Zillow employees victims of sexual harassment” Ben Lane, Dec. 03, 2014

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