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Be protected while being a whistleblower against fraud in Texas

When you enter into an employment contract, it’s binding. Unfortunately, sometimes the people you sign a contract with are committing fraud or other crimes, and you have to blow the whistle. You are protected by law if you have to be a whistleblower against a company that has committed fraud against the U.S. government. Essentially, if the company you work for is defrauding the government, you have the right to take action.

Qui tam is the legal name for a federal provision protecting you as a whistleblower. Interestingly, if you bring about a successful qui tam lawsuit, you’ll receive between 15 and 30 percent of any award or settlement amount that is gained. In addition, all your attorney fees will be paid.

There’s really no reason not to step forward with a claim against a company that is outwardly defrauding the government. Once you bring the suit forward, the U.S. attorney may be able to step in and take the case; if he or she does not, then you are able to handle it on your own.

Although these cases are complicated, with the right proof and knowledge of the court system, you can be successful. By gathering evidence, like false claims, bills, invoices or other paperwork showing the fraud, you may be able to win your case quickly. If you suspect this is happening at your workplace and want to see if you should file a claim, it’s wise to speak with someone familiar with qui tam first to weigh your options. You may only get one shot at the case, so it’s best to move forward methodically. To learn more, please visit our employment agreement webpage.

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