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August 2014 Archives

Racial issues the base of wrongful termination case in Texas

A man in Texas is claiming that his former employer violated his rights when he was wrongfully terminated from his job at Georgia-Pacific Wood Products in Corrigan. According to his lawsuit, the man believes he was fired due to racial discrimination and for having to file a worker's compensation claim after he was injured at work.

TV producer claims workplace discrimination resulted in job loss

Have you been let go from your job due to what you think is discrimination? If so, you'll be interested in this story about a woman who has gone through a similar situation. A television producer in Houston, Texas, has claimed that she was let go from her job following cancer treatments and has reported that the company she worked for has violated the Family Medical Leave Act. She claims that because of her illness, she had to take time off work, and that led to her being fired from her company. She alleges workplace discrimination, retaliation and wrongful interference with employment benefits rights.

Man in Texas gets the boot for refusing to pollute

Can you imagine going to work and realizing your boss expects you to commit environmental crimes? Maybe your company wants you to dump materials where you're not allowed, or they want you to pour damaging materials into water sources. That's simply not right, and if you've been terminated since you wouldn't break the law, you may have a case.

Air Force Academy to deal with sexual assault, harassment cases

Schools or workplaces in Texas are no place for sexual harassment, and that goes for those in the Air Force Academy as well. Recently, an investigation into sexual harassment, assault, drug use, cheating and favoritism has been called for by the superintendent of the Air Force Academy.

Workplace discrimination claim hits Target in Texas

If you are familiar with Target stores, then you might have heard about this recent discrimination complaint at one Texas location. The Target in Houston employee has sued the corporation after claiming that he has been harassed constantly at his job due to his face and disabilities.