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Air Force Academy to deal with sexual assault, harassment cases

Schools or workplaces in Texas are no place for sexual harassment, and that goes for those in the Air Force Academy as well. Recently, an investigation into sexual harassment, assault, drug use, cheating and favoritism has been called for by the superintendent of the Air Force Academy.

This investigation comes alongside a report from a local Colorado newspaper that claimed it had evidence that between 2010 and 2012, members of the football team and others in the academy had taken part in parties where sexual violence, drinking and drug use was the norm.

That report used data that was obtained through the Freedom of Information Act. Shockingly, one of the documents showed that a drink laced with Rohypnol was made for a woman who went to a party in Dec. 2, 2011. She and four or five females did not know what took place at the party that night, but an informant claimed gang rape had taken place.

Fortunately, these claims were taken seriously and the Office of Special Investigations looked into the behavior of 32 cadets. Eight of them ended up being dismissed for misconduct, and three were court-martialed for sexual assault. The new investigation will be looking into the school’s athletic department.

This military institute for the Air Force has seen a number of large-scale sexual assault scandals over the years. The problem is that most of the incidents aren’t being reported. One survey from the military found that in 2012, only 3,374 instances of unwanted sexual contact had been reported despite incidents numbering around 26,000.

Whether you’re working through school or teaching at a military institute, there is no place for sexual assault or harassment. If you’re harassed, it’s important to report and take action against the person responsible.

Source: MSNBC, “Report finds sexual assault, drug use at Air Force Academy” Meredith Clark, Aug. 04, 2014

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