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Former RadioShack employee files workplace discrimination suit

If you’ve been fired without cause, then you may be interested in seeking legal help. Workplace discrimination comes in many forms and can happen anywhere. In this case in Texas, a former RadioShack store manager has claimed that he was demoted after he was traumatized on the job.

According to the lawsuit, the store was robbed, and the man was there at the time. On Oct. 26, 2012, two men came into the store with a loaded revolver. They allegedly tied him up with duct tape and made him empty the store’s safe. They also told him over and over that they were going to shoot and kill him. They even shot off a bullet into a filing cabinet to make their point. Before the robbers left, one of them tied up the man’s feet and hands. He was then pushed over, which resulted in the worker suffering chest and back injuries.

The man spoke to his manager, who allegedly told him to stay home the next day. The employee wasn’t ready to return after taking that day off, and his manager allegedly gave him the next day off, too. At the time, the worker was diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and on Nov. 1, he went on leave

However, he claims that when he tried to come back to work in April 2013, he was only offered $8 per hour instead of his regular salary for his previous management position. There were multiple communications between this employee and the company, and he ended up accepting a position in an assistant store management. He worked in that capacity for 30 days and was eventually offered a position as store manager. He accepted the position. However, he received a college scholarship and had to withdraw his acceptance of the store manager position. He was fired on May 11, although he was told he would receive his pay through May 26.

The employee claims that the company retaliated against him for the different situations that had occurred. The lawsuit seeks damages of an unspecified nature, as well as attorney fees. A jury trial has been requested.

Workplace discrimination is against the law, and those who believe they have been subjected to such treatment have rights. Attorneys with experience in employment law may offer their advice and guidance, making it easier to decide on the next course of action.

Source: Chron, “Former employee claims discrimination after robbery” Carol Christian, Jan. 08, 2014

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