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January 2014 Archives

Employee alleges sexual harassment in Texas

Sexual advances, lewd comments, and other types of sexual harassment aren't welcome in a work environment. A hostile work environment is no place for you. With the help of an attorney, you may be able to get help with your case that will stop the harassment and get the compensation you deserve.

Texan allegedly fired for complaining about sexual harassment

Dallas residents are likely aware that Texas is an at-will employer, but that doesn't mean that a company should be able to get away with retaliation. In this case, a man claims that when he reported sexual harassment, his company decided to fire him. He claimed that a trainer started making sexually explicit threats and calling him derogatory names in June 2012, about two months after he was hired.

Former RadioShack employee files workplace discrimination suit

If you've been fired without cause, then you may be interested in seeking legal help. Workplace discrimination comes in many forms and can happen anywhere. In this case in Texas, a former RadioShack store manager has claimed that he was demoted after he was traumatized on the job.

Cashier in Texas fired after complaining of sexual assault

If you're being assaulted at work or are having trouble due to discrimination of any kind, you shouldn't be fired for it when you voice your concerns. In this case out of Brazos County, Texas, a woman is now taking her former employer to court, because she believes she was fired after complaining about alleged sexual harassment that took place on the job. According to the Jan. 3 report about the wrongful termination claim, the woman worked as a cashier at Pepe's Mexican Cafe, which is owned by M&W Restaurants Inc. The company did not address the complaints, although records confirm her termination, according to the news.

Former athlete files sexual harassment claim in Texas

School is supposed to be a safe environment where people can learn. Unfortunately, sexual harassment can occur anywhere, and as one Texas student reportedly found, it can even occur on the court. A former college basketball player has recently filed a suit alleging sexual harassment by her former basketball coach, who was also the school's athletic director. The documents accompanying the suit allege that the coach sent sexual text messages, including comments on her weight and that he wanted her to dress up. While this alone would be distressing enough for the student, when she ignored the texts, the coach apparently threatened to take away her scholarship.