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Stand up against your wrongful termination in Texas

You work hard at your job, and you believe that because of that, you deserve some protection for your job. You don't think you should be fired for little or no reason, and in some ways, you're absolutely right to believe that you should be protected by law. Employers can be held accountable for firing you if that termination was wrongful.

Is wrongful termination possible in an at-will employment state?

Wrongful discharge is a serious problem, as it can be indicative that an employer isn't fair to employees and may be discriminatory. There is a difference between wrongful discharge and employment-at-will rules that you should understand. Not all people who have been fired were done so wrongfully.

Your benefits following a wrongful termination continue in Texas

Have you lost a job due to a wrongful termination in Texas? Losing your job in that way can be heartbreaking and stressful, but there are ways to make sure you continue to get the money and benefits you need. Make sure you take these steps to keep yourself covered while you pursue your wrongful termination lawsuit.

How can you tell if you were wrongfully terminated in Texas?

Have you been laid off or fired in Texas? Do you feel like the circumstances were inappropriate? If they really were, you may be able to get your job back or seek compensation for the trouble you've been put through due to your wrongful termination. If your firing was unlawful, you may consider bringing a case against your employer. You may be able to request a severance package or other settlement if getting your job back isn't acceptable.

Racial issues the base of wrongful termination case in Texas

A man in Texas is claiming that his former employer violated his rights when he was wrongfully terminated from his job at Georgia-Pacific Wood Products in Corrigan. According to his lawsuit, the man believes he was fired due to racial discrimination and for having to file a worker's compensation claim after he was injured at work.

Man in Texas gets the boot for refusing to pollute

Can you imagine going to work and realizing your boss expects you to commit environmental crimes? Maybe your company wants you to dump materials where you're not allowed, or they want you to pour damaging materials into water sources. That's simply not right, and if you've been terminated since you wouldn't break the law, you may have a case.

Military contractor part of wrongful termination case in Texas

When you have a job, you want to feel secure and to know that if you see a problem, you can talk about it. Finding out that you may not be safe in your position since you filed a report on safety dangers or other workplace issues is a problem. Facing a wrongful termination lawsuit isn't fun, but it's important to seek help to make sure this kind of treatment doesn't happen to you or others again.

Wrongful termination claim to head to court in Texas

A wrongful termination can quickly make any time in your life sour. Besides losing employment, you may face rumors, a poor reputation or other unwanted side effects due to your termination. If you've had trouble at work in San Antonio and want to file a wrongful termination claim, it's important to know how to proceed. Consider how the claim will affect your life; you do deserve to be treated well at work and to receive the compensation you were supposed to receive.