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April 2015 Archives

Stand up against your wrongful termination in Texas

You work hard at your job, and you believe that because of that, you deserve some protection for your job. You don't think you should be fired for little or no reason, and in some ways, you're absolutely right to believe that you should be protected by law. Employers can be held accountable for firing you if that termination was wrongful.

Sexual harassment: Know your rights when it comes to revenge porn

In a previous blog post, you learned about revenge porn and how Texas has recently passed a bill to prevent this tactic from being used to sexually harass you in the workplace or as a citizen outside work. Knowing the laws in Texas is important, but what if you work in another state as a representative of your company? In that case, you need to have an idea of where it could be legal or not.

Protect your benefits in Texas

The Employment Retirement Income Security Act is one that many people won't be familiar with. This plan is often part of your work benefits, and it's something you should familiarize yourself with. ERISA, as the act is better known, was enacted in 1974 and became one of the primary ways of regulating employee retirement benefits and pension plans.

Don't sign a severance agreement without considering your options

Lots of people have had to deal with being laid off, but it doesn't have to be without its rewards. If your employment is terminated, you could be asked to sign a severance agreement, which is a contract that releases the employee and protects the company against claims the employee could make.