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February 2015 Archives

Independent contractor terms in Texas

If you work as an independent contractor, you may be concerned about how workplace laws apply to you. A contract laborer, or independent contractor, is someone who is hired in to do a job but isn't an employee of the company who has hired them. They may have to have their own insurance and must pay their own taxes and expenses.

Is wrongful termination possible in an at-will employment state?

Wrongful discharge is a serious problem, as it can be indicative that an employer isn't fair to employees and may be discriminatory. There is a difference between wrongful discharge and employment-at-will rules that you should understand. Not all people who have been fired were done so wrongfully.

What's sexual discrimination in Texas?

In Texas, the law defines sexual discrimination as being treated differently than other employees you work with due to being female or male. This also includes being pregnant, facing stereotypes due to your gender or sex, and facing assumptions due to your sex.

Transgender woman files discrimination suit against Texas store

A workplace is no place for discrimination. As an employee, you have the right to feel comfortable and protected at work. In a recent case, the ongoing plight of transgender individuals has come to light again.