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Signing a contract? Stop! Make sure your rights are upheld

As a potential employee looking at a contract, you need to ask yourself a few things. The most important thing is, “Is this fair?” Some contracts are not in your best interest, so it’s important to check over the fine print carefully.

In many contracts, there are non-compete agreements. These agreements are there to make sure you don’t take company secrets and then get a new job at a competitor. Trade secrets can make or break a business, so it’s one kind of clause that tends to be added to non-compete agreements.

When you sign a non-compete agreement, ask yourself if it’s fair to you. How long can you go after leaving this job before you can have a similar job in the same field? What kind of restrictions are on you when it comes to using your designs, research, or documents created at your current employer’s business? Are the geographical ranges and limits on when you can seek new employment fair to you, and do they allow you to seek employment in the same field if you are fired or decide to leave your job?

There are many things to consider, which is why it’s important to review any contracts with someone who can point out your rights and the legal implications of each clause. It’s better to know what you’re signing up front, instead of finding out later that the contract has restricted your ability to move or get a job. To learn more about contracts and how they can influence you in Texas, please visit our extensive website; you have every right to know.

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