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Detective claims sexual harassment, retaliation in Texas

Working in an environment where you feel threatened or like an object isn’t acceptable. Under the laws in Texas, your employer is required to make sure your work environment is without discrimination or harassment, so you can do your job in peace without worrying about unwanted advances or poor treatment.

A detective working in Texas has reportedly sued the city over complaints of retaliation over a sexual harassment claim. The woman had been working in a police unit involved in investigating human trafficking, but she reportedly suffered from male colleagues showing her pornographic images on their computers. She also claims that she was harassed for making sure the men didn’t have any unnecessary encounters with unclothed victims or suspects.

She also claims in her lawsuit that the men would ask her if she would have sex with the women they were helping, since she’s a lesbian. Following her complaint with the department, she was removed from the human trafficking unit. Neither she nor the police department would comment on the case, but if her claims are true, there could be much explaining for the department to do with this case.

In cases like this, retaliation is a possibility that can’t be ignored. As a person in the workforce, your comfort and security is protected at work. You shouldn’t and don’t need to put up with unwanted sexual advances or comments. If you’ve been harassed, it’s important to speak with someone who can help. You don’t deserve to live in fear of retaliation or to have to work within an uncomfortable environment.

Source: Insurance Journal, “Detective Sues Texas City Over Sexual Harassment” Dec. 31, 2014

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