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You have rights in your workplace in Texas

What are your rights as an employee in Texas? You have many, especially when you’re under contract with an employer. Employment law covers your rights and obligations as an employee as well as the rights and obligations of your employer. Did you know that your rights extend to issues such as workplace discrimination, wages and taxation, wrongful termination and workplace safety? You have many rights, like a right to a safe workplace, and if your rights are infringed on, you may have a case.

In a typical workplace, you have several rights. You have a right to fair compensation for your work; you shouldn’t receive less than minimum wage, for example, if you’re working 40 hours a week and not in a service field like wait staff. You also have a right to privacy and a right to freedom from discrimination based on your age, sex, gender, religion or the color of your skin.

When you are working, your right to privacy extends to your handbag, briefcase, storage locker and private mail. In other words, it’s not okay for an employer to suddenly riffle through your handbags or to get into your locker. You must give them permission to do so, or your rights are being violated.

You also have whistleblower rights, which are rights that protect you from retaliation if you file a claim or complaint against your employer. On top of that, you have a right to be free from harassment in the workplace; that includes sexual harassment.

If you’ve been struggling with the violation of your rights, you can take a stand. There are ways to report your complaints and to take legal steps toward obtaining compensation.

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