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How can you tell if you were wrongfully terminated in Texas?

Have you been laid off or fired in Texas? Do you feel like the circumstances were inappropriate? If they really were, you may be able to get your job back or seek compensation for the trouble you’ve been put through due to your wrongful termination. If your firing was unlawful, you may consider bringing a case against your employer. You may be able to request a severance package or other settlement if getting your job back isn’t acceptable.

There are several things that make a termination wrongful. For instance, firing someone in direct violation of federal or state anti-discrimination laws could get your employer in serious trouble. That includes firing someone for being gay, black, Asian, transgender or due to their age or gender. Firing someone as a form of sexual harassment is also illegal.

If you have an oral or written agreement with the employer who fired you and the termination is against those terms, you may have a case. Additionally, if your employer fired you because of a claim you made against them, you may have a case. It’s illegal for your employer to fire you in retaliation for a complaint or claim.

After being fired, you need to consider your legal options carefully. If you have an employment contact, make sure you understand it and are in the right. Ask about why you were fired, and find out who exactly made the decision to let you go. Don’t be intimidated by the image of big businesses; you have a right to know why you were fired and to take steps against the company if the termination was illegal.

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