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September 2014 Archives

ERISA and your rights in Texas

As an employee in Texas, you may have started putting money away into a retirement account. How that money is protected may not have been explained to you, but it should have been. You are protected by law in many situations, so you shouldn't have to worry about losing the money you have saved. If you're confused about your rights or want to learn more about how you can seek help with your retirement fund, you may want to seek help from someone familiar with the legal process.

Employment contracts and your rights in Texas

In Texas, your employment is "at will." That means that you can be hired and fired as the company you work for sees fit. You can be fired for any reason as long as it's not illegal. For instance, you can't be fired due to your gender, but you can be fired for showing up to work late once.

What are some main types of workplace discrimination?

Discrimination in the workplace is not allowed in Texas or in any other state, and those who feel that they have been discriminated against need to make sure that they know what legal options they have. This discrimination can take many different forms, but it is illegal for employers to treat people differently in any way based on numerous factors. Knowing what these factors are can help people spot discrimination and do what is needed to stop it.

Retaliation: No place for a hostile work environment in Texas

Retaliation is illegal in the workplace. Retaliation could happen when you report a crime or misbehavior, but instead of being rewarded for your honesty, you're punished. If you have to alert the workplace to sexual harassment, discrimination or other incidents, you shouldn't have to worry about your job or safety being at risk.