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Wrongful termination claim to head to court in Texas

A wrongful termination can quickly make any time in your life sour. Besides losing employment, you may face rumors, a poor reputation or other unwanted side effects due to your termination. If you’ve had trouble at work in San Antonio and want to file a wrongful termination claim, it’s important to know how to proceed. Consider how the claim will affect your life; you do deserve to be treated well at work and to receive the compensation you were supposed to receive.

This case from May 20 may strike a chord with you if your case is similar. A lawsuit has been filed against the city of Killeen, Texas, because a woman claims that she was fired for being a whistleblower. In her lawsuit, she said that she was fired because she had reported violations of state and local finance laws by the city’s manager. She is now seeking between $200,000 and $1 million in compensation from the city.

The city has denied her claims, stating that she was fired after a two-month investigation that looked into the city’s Fleet Services Division, an area she oversaw. She was not actually fired until that investigation was complete. The city took to the courts to ask the court to dismiss the case, claiming that the woman hadn’t proved the reports she filed against the city manager were actually the reason for her termination. The judge did not agree with the city, and he has determined that the city will have to proceed to trial in the Bell County 146th District Court.

Retaliation is serious, and if the city is caught having retaliated against this woman, she could be entitled to compensation. If your case is similar to this one, you may want to document information and prepare to defend your position.

Source: KDH News, “Court rules lawsuit against city can proceed to trial” Natalie Stewart, May. 20, 2014

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