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Discrimination in Texas leads to $55,000 payment

An African-American man who worked for a food processing company in Texas was allegedly subjected to abuse that was both racial and sexual in nature. He claimed that other people who he worked with would use derogatory names if they were talking to him. He also reported instances of sexual contact that were deemed inappropriate. One of the people who was implicated was another man who was a supervisor.

The issue got worse when the man reported what was happening, however. There was retaliation against him for his report. The claims indicate that the people who were in charge knew what was going on and did not do anything to stop it.

In the end, the man filed his report with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and he was fired.

The EEOC has continued to fight on his behalf, though, bringing the lawsuit against the former employer. In a recent ruling, it was declared that the company would have to give the man a cash payment to the tune of $55,000.

On top of that, the company — Cal-Maine Foods — is going to have to put an anti-discrimination policy into place, provide training that works against discrimination for the employees and take other steps to make sure that a similar problem does not present itself again.

As one of the lawyers involved in the trial stated, workers do have a right to be put into a situation that does not involve workplace discrimination on a basis of race or sexual harassment. Those who have been victimized by this in any way have a right to take legal action.

Source: KSAT, “Cal-Maine Foods to pay $55K to settle discrimination, retaliation suit” Troy Blevins, Apr. 30, 2014

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