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Man sues over sexual harassment in Texas

If you’ve been harassed sexually, then you may want to know what you can do to help yourself. A lawsuit is always a possibility, although there may be other ways to seek compensation. As you probably know, sexual harassment can go both ways, and in this case, it’s a man who has sued over being harassed by a woman in Texas. The March 24 report states that the man has now been awarded over $500,000 for his lawsuit.

The lawsuit claimed that a former deputy constable was allegedly sexually harassed by his former boss when he worked for Precinct 7 in Galveston. He claimed that his female boss harassed him in 2011. The 55-year-old man stated that she held his face against her chest and inside her shirt to make him “motorboat” her, and he also suffered due to unwanted lap dances.

He claims that the woman had been harassing him over the course of months. She allegedly held her breasts and told him to as well, and he claims the harassment led to his humiliation and embarrassment. The man also suggested that the woman had offered him oral sex at work, which he did not want. He allegedly took a video of her harassing him, but he claims she stole the video and deleted it. He was then reported for wiretapping, and he was demoted from sergeant to a deputy.

The woman claims she never did any of the things the man suggested, and she believes the lawsuit was filed because she wouldn’t promote him. The jury sided with the man in the end, however, awarding him $567,000.

Source: CBS Houston, “Jury Awards Man Over $500K In ‘Motorboat’ Sexual Harassment Suit Against Female Boss” No author given, Mar. 24, 2014

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