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February 2014 Archives

Man sued over breaking employment agreements in Texas

If you're working under and employment contract, it's important to know what that entails. In this case, a company is suing a former employee over allegedly giving away trade secrets, and this is against the former employee's employment contract. There are always special clauses, like non-compete clauses and breach information, that you should understand before divulging information to new businesses.

Texas worker claims racial discrimination at past job

In Texas, you should know that any kind of discrimination is unlawful in most cases, and racial discrimination can result in serious problems for employers. In this case discussed on Feb. 3 in the news, racial discrimination allegedly made one man's work environment hostile, and he claims he was treated differently than his white coworkers. According to the story, he was even fired due to someone else setting a machine incorrectly.

Woman claims wrongful termination at Texas-based job

When something isn't going right on the job in Texas, you probably think that you should be able to report errors or harassment without the threat of losing your job. In this wrongful termination case, a woman reported a co-worker's allegedly sexually inappropriate behavior and believes she was fired because of the complaint. The Feb. 11 report may sound like your situation, and if so, you may be interested in this woman's claims.

Hurricaine Katrina led to wrongful termination of teachers

It's unlikely that east Texas residents will soon forget the effect that Hurricane Katrina had on New Orleans. Lingering problems resulting from the deadly storm may have gone unnoticed in Texas, however. For example, many teachers have been fighting legal battles for years, arguing that their layoffs constituted wrongful termination. A recent ruling may help many of these teachers recoup their lost wages.