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December 2013 Archives

Woman claims she was fired in retaliation by Texas school

If you work hard at your job, the thought of a wrongful termination probably makes you upset. In this case, an employee from Texas has claimed that retaliation is a cause of her termination from Lamar State University. According to the woman, she was the associate vice president of finance for the university, and she authored a report that criticized the university's spending habits. She claims she lost her job because of that report, which was highly publicized.

Government employees across America facing pension cuts

A recent budget agreement under consideration by the federal government involves the growing trend of reducing pensions in order to gain revenue. Governments at the local, state and federal level have all been introducing budgets that trim pension benefits in an attempt to correct funding issues that resulted from the financial crisis and fiscal mismanagement. In general, the decrease in employee pension plans has only targeted government workers that were recently hired. However, as the practice continues, even workers that have already been promised a pension may have cause for concern.

Workplace discrimination lawsuit launched by meteorologist

The Family and Medical Leave Act was designed to protect workers who took unpaid leave for specific medical or family matters. Readers in San Antonio may have heard about a former KBTX meteorologist who took FMLA leave and may have faced a classic case of workplace discrimination.

Restaurant faces discrimination complaint for Oktoberfest costume

Discrimination has no place in the workplace, and as San Antonio readers may know, it can lead to a lawsuit if an employee feels like he or she was the subject of discrimination,. A recent workplace discrimination case against a restaurant involves a low-cut beer garden outfit and a hostile work environment that is causing a lot of fuss.