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October 2013 Archives

Texas man sues Goodyear Tire for disability discrimination

An interesting disability discrimination lawsuit has been filed in the Eastern District of Texas, Beaumont Division. A man has sued Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. after the employer reportedly fired him for refusing to take a urine test under observation.

Church plan pensioners may lack retirement security

Many Texas pensioners can rest assured that their pensions are protected by federal law. The majority of private-sector retirement plans are governed by the federal Employment Retirement Security Act, under which employers have to honor their obligations to pension plans as well as insure them. However, there is one significant exception to ERISA protections.

Dayton welder sues Texas employer for sexual harassment

Texas residents should not have to experience sexual harassment on the job. In fact, this was outlawed long ago, and employers that harass employees - or that allow employees to harass their co-workers - should be held responsible under the law. Unfortunately, many employers are not held accountable because the victims of sexual harassment are afraid to come forward.

Jury: Plano Kroger illegally terminated man with special needs

A federal jury has just awarded more than $450,000 in damages to a man with learning disabilities who was harassed, demoted and ultimately fired because of disability discrimination at a Kroger store in Plano and by Kroger executives.

Court rules against employer in same-sex sexual harassment case

As most people in San Antonio know, workplace sexual harassment is illegal. And, sexual harassment does not only include the inappropriate conduct of men directed at women, or the inappropriate conduct of women directed at men. Sexual harassment can also be commited by a woman against another woman, or by a man against another man.