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August 2013 Archives

Tyler County man sues former employer over non-compete contract

Many employers in the San Antonio area use employment contracts that involve non-compete clauses. Non-compete clauses may restrict workers from gaining employment with other companies in the future. Anyone who is ever asked to sign a non-compete agreement would be wise to look it over with an employment law attorney before doing so. Those who have already signed an agreement and are in the midst of an enforcement action would also be wise to seek legal advice - in some cases, these agreements are not legally enforceable.

Texas employer settles pregnancy discrimination case

Women have long been a part of the American workforce, and their rights to do so have also long been protected by federal law. However, sex-based employment discrimination is more common than many people are aware. Last year alone, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission received more than 30,350 complaints of this type of illegal discrimination. Of these, 3,745 complaints alleged pregnancy discrimination.

Ex-finance VP for Lamar University sues for wrongful termination

When your job is to assess a situation and make recommendations for the future, you expect your superiors to at least be open-minded to what you present to them -- even if it is critical of how things have been handled in the past. Unfortunately, some employers only want to hear good news, and writing a negative report about a company could leave you out of a job.

Government asks public to hold unlawful employers responsible

Many San Antonio residents check the Yelp app on their smartphones before going out to eat. Even more people likely use the Orbitz app or a similar program in order to look at hotel reviews when planning a vacation. In this day and age, it is fairly easy to do a little quick research on your computer or phone before deciding where to spend your hard-earned dollars.