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June 2013 Archives

Supreme Court review of Texas employment law case favors employer

Back in January, we discussed an employment law dispute that began here in Texas and made its way to the U.S. Supreme Court. That case involved a doctor who accused the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center of retaliating against him after he filed a discrimination lawsuit. The medical center had apparently offered the doctor a job, but then rescinded the offer after learning of the discrimination complaint.

Bill limiting access to sensitive employee data fails in Texas

Many people have social media or email accounts where they converse with friends and family. They generally exclude their employers from these conversations, because they are about personal and private matters. Some of the information could prove to be both embarrassing and harmful if accessed by employers.

Texas employer settles for $150,000 in racial discrimination suit

No one deserves to feel unsafe or uncomfortable in their place of employment. In fact, Texas employers are required to ensure that their work environments are free of harassment and discrimination. Unfortunately, not all employers take this seriously -- and some would rather quiet down an employee who speaks up about wrongful behavior than fix the problem. This is exactly what happened to one Texas worker.

Interns in Texas should often be paid

Many college students may be preparing to begin a summer internship in the coming weeks here in San Antonio. Internships are often a great way for young people to get some work experience under their belts and learn more about their interests and skills. However, many lawsuits that have been filed in recent years indicate that interns are often taken advantage of. This is because many internships are unpaid when they actually should be paid.