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Former Alamo spokesman accuses Daughters of Texas of harassment

When people hear about a sexual harassment case, they often assume that a woman is making a complaint about being harassed by a man. However, sometimes it is a man who was harassed. Sexual harassment happens to both genders and is committed by both genders, and regardless of who is on what side of harassment, victims of harassment should never feel ashamed about coming forward.

A former Alamo spokesman recently filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against the Daughters of the Republic of Texas. According to his legal claim, not only did a DRT board member harass him, but when he complained against unwanted advances he was retaliated against and ultimately wrongfully terminated.

The lawsuit states that the board member incessantly asked the spokesman to meet her in private and that he rejected all of these advances.

The DRT has countered that the man was fired because he violated policies and procedures. The DRT stated that the employee was writing an exposé about his employer while he was on the job and that he was misusing state property to do so.

This is a very complicated case and details are just beginning to emerge about it. However, it is not unusual for employers to deny wrongdoing after a sexual harassment claim. When sexual harassment has occurred, employees can demand damages and are often successful when working with experienced legal counsel.

Source:, “Fired spokesman sues DRT claiming sexual harassment,” Eva Ruth Moravec and Scott Huddleston, Sept. 25, 2012

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