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September 2012 Archives

Dallas woman says she was fired while on maternity leave

Under the federal Family Medical Leave Act covered employers are obligated to provide 12 weeks of unpaid, job-protected leave to their employees should they need the time off for the birth or adoption of a child, to care for a sick spouse, child or parent, or due to an illness. Most often, we notice FMLA in action in Texas workplaces when women take maternity leave for the birth of a child.

Are San Antonio workers facing caregiver discrimination?

Many workers in Texas are familiar with the Family Medical Leave Act as the federal law that allows parents to take an unpaid leave from work following the birth or adoption of a child. Some people may also be aware that this same leave should be provided to covered workers should they need to take a leave due to an illness, or to care for a spouse, parent or child who has an illness.

Texas Burger King fired new employee who wore skirt to work

A very important part of federal employment law is that which deals with workplace discrimination. While most people know that it is illegal to discriminate against someone in hiring or in the workplace because of a person's skin color, ethnicity or gender, there are other distinctions that are protected, too. One of these is religion.