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August 2012 Archives

Bank fires man for misdemeanor crime that took place 49 years ago

Many of us here in San Antonio may have tested the limits of bending the law back in our youths. Whether it was having a sip of beer under the age of 21, keeping the change after a cashier returned too much, or telling a fib, these decisions aren't right, but they are nonetheless sometimes a part of growing up and hopefully we move past them. However, in one industry employers are currently digging up decades-old youthful indiscretions and firing employees for them.

Can Texas employers discriminate against breast-feeding mothers?

Here in San Antonio, Texas, and throughout the country employees have the right to work without discrimination or harassment based on a number of things. These include race, gender, nationality, age and disability, among other factors. Twenty-five years ago, pregnancy was added to this list with Title VII, but employment law professionals still struggle with the scope of this protection.

Texas salesman accused of stealing trade secrets

When employees here in San Antonio are asked to sign a non-compete agreement, it is generally very important for them to seek legal counsel. These agreements often have many complicated provisions, and it is important that an employee understands the implications of any contract that he or she signs.

Manager files sexual harassment claim against major school district

Typically, when Texas residents think of sexual harassment, they may assume that a female employee has suffered at the hands of a male management figure. It is important to remember that men can also be the subject of sexual harassment -- and not just by female co-workers, either.

Lackland sex scandal shines light on harassment in Texas workplaces

Here in San Antonio, many of us have watched as the sex abuse scandal at Lackland Air Force Base has unfolded. Less than two weeks ago, Staff Sergeant Luis Walker was of course found guilty of numerous charges by a military jury and he has since been sentenced to 20 years in prison.