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When employees are asked to sign a noncompete agreement to protect an organization’s trade secrets, questions immediately arise regarding the fairness and reasonableness of the limitations the document places on the employee. Are its restrictions and penalties fair? Is it enforceable? Should the employee sign it?

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A sign that says NDA Non-Disclosure Agreement. It's best to contact a non-compete agreement attorney in San Antonio before making the decision to sign an NDA presented to you by an employer.

Employers Have A Lot At Stake

Noncompete agreements are among the most varied documents in business law, and consequently are often reviewed by experienced and qualified employment law attorneys. Noncompete agreements can encompass an almost endless range of confusing and often harmful stipulations that limit the rights of employees to work at the company and geographical location of their choice.

Trade secrets are often among companies’ most valuable assets, and companies frequently try to protect them through additional limitations written into noncompete and employment agreements.

Employers have considerable capacity to compel employees to sign noncompete agreements. Noncompete agreements are standard in many industries and can legitimately protect valued trade secrets and confidential information, including the sharing and use of client and vendor lists, sales and marketing information and materials, product design, gas, oil and other resource sites, and lender information.

We Can Protect Your Rights And Interests In Contract Negotiations

However, employees have significant leverage in limiting the geographical, timeline and employment restrictions placed on them through noncompete agreements.

At The Galo Law Firm P.C., we are experienced in drafting and reviewing noncompete agreements that protect your rights to leave an employer and seek opportunities and career satisfaction elsewhere.

We can advise you on the reasonableness of your noncompete agreement and/or nondisclosure agreement and confidentiality agreement, and can negotiate on your behalf to increase your freedom in the marketplace and limit the constraints of your covenant not to compete. We can work to greatly reduce the definition of “competing” industries and companies, and lessen restricted geographical ranges and timelines. If you are fighting an agreement you have already signed, we can advise you on its enforceability and negotiate on your behalf.

Attorney Michael Galo represents both employers and employees in noncompete and trade secret law, and he brings comprehensive skills and knowledge to each dispute we handle.

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