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Sexual harassment: Know your rights when it comes to revenge porn

In a previous blog post, you learned about revenge porn and how Texas has recently passed a bill to prevent this tactic from being used to sexually harass you in the workplace or as a citizen outside work. Knowing the laws in Texas is important, but what if you work in another state as a representative of your company? In that case, you need to have an idea of where it could be legal or not.

The difference between sex discrimination and sexual harassment

Although Texas has laws protecting males and females from both sex discrimination and sexual harassment, these two things are not the same. In the workplace, knowing the difference can help you see when you're being treated unfairly due to your gender or when you're being harassed due to your gender.

Sexual harassment: Hard to define?

The reason sexual harassment is so hard to identify in some situations is that is has a varied definition. In some ways, the variety of definitions can be beneficial to you when you want to seek help for this kind of crime. According to the Texas Workforce Commission, sexual harassment is any unwanted advance, physical touching that is sexual in nature or a request for sexual favors. There are other considerations for a case against someone who has been the victim of sexual harassment, but the definition loosely covers any unwanted sexual behavior in the workplace.

What's sexual discrimination in Texas?

In Texas, the law defines sexual discrimination as being treated differently than other employees you work with due to being female or male. This also includes being pregnant, facing stereotypes due to your gender or sex, and facing assumptions due to your sex.

Detective claims sexual harassment, retaliation in Texas

Working in an environment where you feel threatened or like an object isn't acceptable. Under the laws in Texas, your employer is required to make sure your work environment is without discrimination or harassment, so you can do your job in peace without worrying about unwanted advances or poor treatment.

What sexual harassment is defined as in Texas

What is sexual harassment? Is simply calling someone attractive or flirting enough to get you in trouble? The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has defined sexual harassment as unwelcome sexual advances. Sexual harassment also includes sexual favors, verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature.

Zillow accused of having rampant sexual harassment at work

If you're a fan of searching for rental properties or new homes on Zillow in Texas, this news might interest you. According to a Dec. 3 report, several employees at Zillow have reported sexual harassment. One woman has sued Zillow claiming that she was a victim of "sexual torture" while she worked with the company. In fact, others have come forward and backed her claims.

Sexual harassment turns violent in Texas case

This news out of Texas may be frightening for those who worry about sexual harassment in the workplace. A Nov. 7 story reported that a man faced months of sexual harassment at work at a local Kroger, and when he reported it, he received a death threat from the person who had been harassing him. Your workplace has a responsibility to keep you safe from this kind of situation, which is why it's vital to always report such behavior and take steps to get the help you need.

Retaliation: No place for a hostile work environment in Texas

Retaliation is illegal in the workplace. Retaliation could happen when you report a crime or misbehavior, but instead of being rewarded for your honesty, you're punished. If you have to alert the workplace to sexual harassment, discrimination or other incidents, you shouldn't have to worry about your job or safety being at risk.