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Protecting The Rights Of Whistleblowers

“Qui tam” is an unusual term with a clear and simple meaning. Qui tam is a federal legal provision that allows private individuals with knowledge of fraud committed against the U.S. federal government to bring suit against the fraudulent party on behalf of the government. In other words, if the company you work for is defrauding the federal government, you can take action.

If you take action, you may gain financially. Qui tam, which is part of the federal False Claims Act, provides incentive to the “whistleblower” party of a claim. An individual who brings forward a successful qui tam suit receives between 15 percent and 30 percent of any award or settlement amount, plus any attorney fees.

The Experienced Guidance You Need For A Complex Process

Once you begin a legal suit on behalf of the government, a U.S. attorney has the option to step in and handle the case. If the government decides not to handle the case, you can still handle the case on your own.

Qui tam cases are complex, involving both complicated laws governing fraud and proof, and the intricacies of the court system. If you are interested in filing a qui tam suit, The Galo Law Firm P.C., can help.

The range of possible business fraud against the federal government is vast, and often involves the submission of false claims, false bills, false invoices and procurement fraud. Often the fraudulent company has contracts with the federal government. Qui tam suits occur frequently in the defense and transportation industries, and the health care industry involving Medicare fraud and Medicaid fraud. A common offense involves the Stark Law, which forbids doctors who own a portion of a specialty health center from referring patients to the specialty center from their general practice.

Protect Your Rights. Contact The Galo Law Firm P.C. — Se Habla Español

If you suspect your employer or any other company has committed fraud against the federal government, call us. We can answer your questions, assess the possible claim and provide experienced counsel and representation. We are open from 8:30 to 5:30 and speak fluent Spanish. Contact a lawyer at 866-882-3409.