Stand up against your wrongful termination in Texas
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Stand up against your wrongful termination in Texas

| Apr 30, 2015 | Wrongful Termination

You work hard at your job, and you believe that because of that, you deserve some protection for your job. You don’t think you should be fired for little or no reason, and in some ways, you’re absolutely right to believe that you should be protected by law. Employers can be held accountable for firing you if that termination was wrongful.

Here’s a few examples. If you’ve been discriminated against and were then fired, then you can claim that a wrongful termination took place. Discrimination includes firing you for any reason like your gender, sexual preferences, nation of origin or creed.

Businesses cannot fire you in retaliation. That means that if you complain about being discriminated against at work, your boss can’t legally fire you for making that complaint. If you find out that you were let go because of your complaints, then you can make a case for wrongful termination.

You also deserve to keep your job regardless of your disease or disability. If you’re going to work on time and doing your job, there’s no reason to fire you simply for suffering from a disease or disability. For instance, if you have HIV or AIDS and work in an office environment, there’s little to no risk of transmitting your illness to anyone else. You shouldn’t be fired simply for being a carrier of this disease.

If you think you’ve been wrongfully terminated, you need to speak up and seek compensation for the crime. Your life and livelihood is important. Our website has more information on your rights as a worker and the process for getting your job back or being compensated for your wrongful termination.