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UPS case appeal claiming workplace discrimination to be heard

If you work for the UPS or USPS as a delivery driver or worker in Texas, then you're expected to handle large amounts of mail and heavy items each day. This is just part of your job, and most of the time, there shouldn't be any problem. However, imagine if you or your sister, wife or other female in your life was pregnant and not being allowed to have an adjusted workload. That could put her and her child at risk, and it may be discriminatory.

The difference between sex discrimination and sexual harassment

Although Texas has laws protecting males and females from both sex discrimination and sexual harassment, these two things are not the same. In the workplace, knowing the difference can help you see when you're being treated unfairly due to your gender or when you're being harassed due to your gender.

Texas group aims to protect against gender discrimination

If you were working and had to worry about losing your job due to discrimination based on your sexual preferences, would you think it was wrong? Most people would agree that any kind of discrimination has no place in the workplace, which brings up the topic of Texas's laws on gender. According to the article, in Texas, it's not illegal to be fired for your sexual orientation, making it possible to be discriminated against as someone who identifies as homosexual, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or even for being heterosexual.

Sexual harassment: Hard to define?

The reason sexual harassment is so hard to identify in some situations is that is has a varied definition. In some ways, the variety of definitions can be beneficial to you when you want to seek help for this kind of crime. According to the Texas Workforce Commission, sexual harassment is any unwanted advance, physical touching that is sexual in nature or a request for sexual favors. There are other considerations for a case against someone who has been the victim of sexual harassment, but the definition loosely covers any unwanted sexual behavior in the workplace.