You have a right to proper wages in Texas
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You have a right to proper wages in Texas

| Jan 15, 2015 | Employment Contracts

Have you had to deal with a wage discrepancy after signing a contract with a business you work for? Wage disputes can cause major problems between you and your employer, so it’s important to stand up for your rights and for the wage your time is worth. You provide special talents to your employer’s workforce, so you don’t need to take abuse or have an employer who won’t pay you according to the terms of your agreement.

There are several times when you may want to consider filing a lawsuit against an employer. If you have been a commissioned worker who was fired or left your job and you haven’t received your commission checks, then you may have a case for your employer withholding your earnings. If your employer demands labor off the clock without paying you, then that would also be something you could file a complaint about.

Other situations may include not being paid wages, failing to receive overtime payments or your employer’s failure to pay you at least minimum wage. If you have a contract that your employer is not honoring, then that is also something that a court would be able to rule on.

Your job takes time and commitment, and you deserve to be paid for it. You don’t need or deserve to have to fight with an employer about your pay. Visit our comprehensive website to learn more about your rights and what can be seen as wage disputes in Texas. With some help, you may be able to get the compensation you earned from your employer while making sure he or she has to comply with the law in the future.