TV producer claims workplace discrimination resulted in job loss
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TV producer claims workplace discrimination resulted in job loss

| Aug 22, 2014 | Workplace Discrimination

Have you been let go from your job due to what you think is discrimination? If so, you’ll be interested in this story about a woman who has gone through a similar situation. A television producer in Houston, Texas, has claimed that she was let go from her job following cancer treatments and has reported that the company she worked for has violated the Family Medical Leave Act. She claims that because of her illness, she had to take time off work, and that led to her being fired from her company. She alleges workplace discrimination, retaliation and wrongful interference with employment benefits rights.

In the woman’s lawsuit, she states that she was hired in September 2009 as a morning executive producer for Fox 26. She reportedly received positive reviews for her work performance. The next year, in 2010, she had to take medical leave and undergo surgery for cancer. When she returned, she claims she was harassed and abused by her coworkers and was forced to work in a hostile environment. Because of the way she was treated, she reportedly filed a complaint with human resources.

After she complained, she reports that she was treated even worse. In 2012, she filed for an assistant news director position. She states she was never given an interview even though she qualified for the position and was more qualified than the person who received the job.

In October of that year, she became stressed by her job and suffered from nausea, pressure in her chest, insomnia and diarrhea. She allegedly asked to be put on a month-to-month basis when her contract expired, but she was only granted a six-month extension.

Shortly after in November 2012, she fell ill. She was placed on leave in accordance to the Family and Medical Leave Act, but her health didn’t improve. During the time she was meant to be off work, the station continued to text and communicate with her, according to the lawsuit. In March 2013, she returned to work. That was when she was put on paid leave for the remainder of the week, only to find out later that she had been let go.

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