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July 2014 Archives

Professor claims workplace discrimination the cause of firing

Texas A&M University was recently sued over allegations that it has discriminated against one of its Indian assistant professors. The professor, who was originally from Wisconsin, claimed that his position was terminated due to wrongful discrimination against his nationality. He was in a tenure-track position in the Department of Marine Engineering Technology prior to his termination.

Texas police department progressing in salary negotiations

One Texas city is finally making progress in salary negotiations for their police department. The San Angelo Police Department has spent nine long months negotiating salaries to bring their officers up to their set benchmarks. Thursday, the San Angelo Coalition of Police signed off on an agreement at City Hall that would raise the pay of their police officers to 95 percent of average salaries of police officers in cities used for a benchmark. The proposed raise won't come all at once, but over a three-year period. Now the employment contract is just waiting for a sign-off from the City Council.

Gay workplace discrimination to be banned in federal jobs

If you're discriminated against at work, there are steps you can take to get back your job or to obtain compensation from your past employer. This is particularly true in cases where gay or transgender employees are discriminated against and wrongfully terminated. You may be happy to hear that President Obama has taken steps to prevent workplace discrimination based on gender identity.