Man seeks compensation for workplace discrimination
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Man seeks compensation for workplace discrimination

| Jun 20, 2014 | Workplace Discrimination

There is no place in the workforce for discrimination, which is why if you feel you’ve been discriminated against, it’s important you report that to people who can help. When you’re discriminated against, you may be terminated from a position you need or be part of a hostile work environment. Workplace discrimination shouldn’t be allowed to continue, and you have the right to seek compensation for your struggles.

According to a report on June 9, Group has been sued for firing an employee. The employee was allegedly let go after reporting age discrimination. According to the man, he states he was fired as retaliation for his complaints, leaving him without a job or income.

According to his complaint, the man was employed as a manager at the Houston branch of the Group. He was told at one point, according to his complaint, to hire younger people. He claims that following this request, he reported his suspicions about age discrimination to a superior on July 19, 2012. He then also reported his suspicions to human resources on July 26, 2012, and then did so again on Aug. 15, 2012 to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. He reported that nothing had been done, so he reported the act as far up the chain as possible.

On Sept. 21, 2012, the man was fired. He claims it was due to retaliation, so he’s seeking damages, back pay, attorney’s fees, front pay and reinstatement. His case is not unusual, and if you’ve been let go due to a similar situation, you may want to consider taking his approach to it as well. You shouldn’t have to worry about reporting improper acts at work; being fired for doing so is retaliation.

Source: The Southeast Texas Record, “ Group sued for allegedly firing employee who reported age discrimination” Annie Cosby, Jun. 09, 2014