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June 2014 Archives

Military contractor part of wrongful termination case in Texas

When you have a job, you want to feel secure and to know that if you see a problem, you can talk about it. Finding out that you may not be safe in your position since you filed a report on safety dangers or other workplace issues is a problem. Facing a wrongful termination lawsuit isn't fun, but it's important to seek help to make sure this kind of treatment doesn't happen to you or others again.

Man seeks compensation for workplace discrimination

There is no place in the workforce for discrimination, which is why if you feel you've been discriminated against, it's important you report that to people who can help. When you're discriminated against, you may be terminated from a position you need or be part of a hostile work environment. Workplace discrimination shouldn't be allowed to continue, and you have the right to seek compensation for your struggles.

Woman from Texas claims she was fired for reporting harassment

In Texas, if you're harassed at work, there are protective laws that you can fall back on to help you get out of a bad situation. If it's a volatile workplace, there may be steps you can take to fight the harassment, to make your job more pleasant and to go to work without the concern of such a problem.

Wrongful termination claim to head to court in Texas

A wrongful termination can quickly make any time in your life sour. Besides losing employment, you may face rumors, a poor reputation or other unwanted side effects due to your termination. If you've had trouble at work in San Antonio and want to file a wrongful termination claim, it's important to know how to proceed. Consider how the claim will affect your life; you do deserve to be treated well at work and to receive the compensation you were supposed to receive.