Man claims sexual harassment led to him leaving company in Texas
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Man claims sexual harassment led to him leaving company in Texas

| May 8, 2014 | Sexual Harassment

When you’re at work, a hostile work environment can make you feel terrible. It’s degrading and unacceptable to work in those conditions, and if sexual harassment is something you’re having to deal with, it may be time to take steps against the harassment. Your situation could be similar to that of this man from Texas. He’s claiming that a school district and a number of officials from the district forced him to resign despite alleging that he was having to work in an atmosphere with sexual harassment against him.

According to the April 28 report, the man had previously asked that he not be placed on an evening shift because of needing to be at home to care for his children. He claims that during his time at the job, his supervisor had made sexual comments toward him. Then, he complained to management.

He says that when he complained to the management about the boss’s harassment, he was placed on projects that required him to work at night. He believes that move was retaliatory, according to the news. His complaint was also allegedly publicized at the office, and that led to a hostile work environment, according to his lawsuit. Now, he’s alleging that he’s faced civil rights violations, sexual harassment and a hostile work environment. He believes he was forced to resign due to the schedule changes that forced him to work when he had to be with his children.

He is seeking damages that would cover his lost wages and benefits. He is also seeking compensation for pre- and post-judgment interest and court costs, since he’s had to take time out of his life to file and go through with this lawsuit.

Source: The Southeast Texas Record, “Man sues Cy-Fair ISD over sexual comments” Melody Dareing, Apr. 28, 2014