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April 2014 Archives

Texas substitute teacher suspended due to gender issues

A 52-year-old woman has recently been reinstated as a substitute teacher after a Texas school district stopped giving her assignments because she is transgender. The woman had been substitute teaching as a way of paying her bills since losing her job as an airplane pilot in 2011. She has resided in Lumberton since 1998.

Texas receives unwanted discrimination title

There is an inordinate amount of training and education conducted across the country each year about various aspects of discrimination and its consequences. Despite these efforts, workplace discrimination continues to be problematic across the corporate landscape. It occurs in companies that are publicly owned as well as privately held, and small companies don't seem to be any more immune than large corporations. In different states across the country, however, discrimination seems to have a stronger hold.

Texas woman protected during pregnancy by law

When you think of workplace discrimination in Texas, you may think about race being the main issue. However, women are struggling due to policies around pregnancy; these Walmart employees think that a new policy that aims to protect their wages simply won't go far enough to protect them. If you've ever had to take an unpaid maternity leave and believe it was unfair workplace discrimination, this may interest you.

Principal fired and claims wrongful termination in Texas

If you've been fired from your job, then the last thing you want to consider is the fact that you may have been fired unfairly. In this wrongful termination lawsuit, that's exactly what one man claimed happened. Now, the ex-Fort Worth, Texas, assistant principal has been awarded $2.4 million for his wrongful termination.