Whistleblower sues over wrongful termination
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Whistleblower sues over wrongful termination

| Mar 21, 2014 | Wrongful Termination

If you’re fired from your job unfairly in San Antonio, Texas, you may want to consider a wrongful termination lawsuit. A wrongful termination claim can sometimes lead to large payouts for victims; in this case, an alleged whistleblower will now be receiving $867,000.

According to the March 12 news, the former worker of the North Charleston manufacturer sued the company for overcharging an Army hospital. The company, Berchtold USA, hasn’t admitted liability, but it has offered and agreed to pay the U.S. Government $3.6 million to settle the lawsuit. That settlement will allow the company to get out of trouble without admitting liability.

According to the initial complaint, the business had allegedly overcharged the government by $736,000 or thereabout on a sale of medical equipment. The sale was for around $2.4 million in medical supplies. When the woman working at the company realized the government had been overcharged, she filed a federal whistleblower complaint in 2011, according to the news. She had been hired by the company in March 2011, but she claims that when they found out about her reports, she was fired. That was in August 2011.

Her 56-page complaint detailed the money the company had allegedly overcharged the government and Army hospital. The company had reportedly charged $54,000 for a surgical table worth only $36,765. This was done knowingly, according to the allegations, because one of the managers sent out an email that gloated about the extra money, according to the complaint. In a second email, the company’s sales director allegedly argued that the salesperson should get a higher cut because the hospital deal resulted in $837,800 in pure profit.

Those mentioned in the whistleblower settlement may face criminal charges. The woman who pulled the plug on the operation was rewarded for alerting the government to the fraudulent charges. She is suing the company for wrongful termination, as well.

Source: The Post and Courier, “Whistleblower who sued N. Charleston firm for price gouging to get $867,000” John McDermott, Mar. 12, 2014