Sexual harassment an issue for senior assistant attorney general
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Sexual harassment an issue for senior assistant attorney general

| Mar 7, 2014 | Sexual Harassment

When you’re working, you don’t want to have to worry about being in a hostile work environment in San Antonio. In some news out of California, though, that’s exactly what some people have been dealing with in the political arena. In a news release from Feb. 27, claims of sexual harassment and stressful workplaces were exposed. It’s been claimed that the alleged incident involved only two people who were friends joking around, but this still draws questions about the investigation process that took place.

According to the initial story, sexual harassment claims were being investigated by the senior assistant attorney general. At the time, the former mayor Bob Filner had been accused of sexual harassment in the workplace, and the senior assistant attorney general was assigned to investigate the situations herself. But, there was a problem with that, according to the news, and it was revealed that the woman had also been accused of sexually harassing a coworker at a party.

If this is truly the case, it would make you question whether she should be able to investigate a sexual harassment case, since it may be that she can’t be impartial to the evidence. In her particular case, it was alleged that she had been at an event with her partner when she slapped an employee on her rear end. At that point, the employee kept moving, but the assistant attorney general allegedly asked her why she didn’t react when she had grabbed her butt.

After the event, a witness and the victim both complained about what had happened. The incident had been reported to the attorney general’s office in Sacramento, but the office had somehow determined that there wasn’t enough evidence against the assistant attorney general. The office claimed that the allegations were unsubstantiated, although this may or may not have been the case.

Source: 10 News, “Assistant state attorney general in San Diego accused of sexual harassment” JW August, Feb. 27, 2014