Woman claims wrongful termination at Texas-based job
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Woman claims wrongful termination at Texas-based job

| Feb 14, 2014 | Wrongful Termination

When something isn’t going right on the job in Texas, you probably think that you should be able to report errors or harassment without the threat of losing your job. In this wrongful termination case, a woman reported a co-worker’s allegedly sexually inappropriate behavior and believes she was fired because of the complaint. The Feb. 11 report may sound like your situation, and if so, you may be interested in this woman’s claims.

According to the news, the woman says she was fired from Healthcare Services Group after she made a claim about her coworker behaving inappropriately. She had begun to work as a housekeeper at New Boston Nursing Center in May 2009, according to her report, and it was in 2011 when that company contracted out housekeeping work to Healthcare Services Group. She reported that at the time, she had the same job as a housekeeper as well as a supervisor, but the contract reportedly made her become an employee of HSG.

It wasn’t until March 2012 when a coworker allegedly starting telling lewd stories to her and three of the residents of New Boston. She reported that the New Boston members and she were offended by the stories, and she reported them to her company. The man was reportedly banned from working at New Boston, which would have been okay, except he continued to work with HSG, putting her in an awkward position.

Once, she claimed that she had trouble punching in at the beginning of her shift, and when the man called to see why she wasn’t punched in, he allegedly yelled at her. Normally, a superior yelling at you would be frustrating, and that, along with the stress of previous events, is possibly why she then hung up on him. According to the news, shortly after she hung up on him, she was fired. He reportedly fired her on March 27, 2012, for hanging up on him, but she thinks it has to do with reporting him for the stories he told and getting him banned from the other location.

When someone is fired for reporting sexually offensive behavior, including tell lewd stories, it is against the law. Understanding your rights to seek compensation and other damages for such actions is the first step in righting these wrongs.

Source: The Southeast Texas Record, “Woman sues her former employer for wrongful termination” Thomas Kallies, Feb. 11, 2014