Former athlete files sexual harassment claim in Texas
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Former athlete files sexual harassment claim in Texas

| Jan 3, 2014 | Sexual Harassment

School is supposed to be a safe environment where people can learn. Unfortunately, sexual harassment can occur anywhere, and as one Texas student reportedly found, it can even occur on the court. A former college basketball player has recently filed a suit alleging sexual harassment by her former basketball coach, who was also the school’s athletic director. The documents accompanying the suit allege that the coach sent sexual text messages, including comments on her weight and that he wanted her to dress up. While this alone would be distressing enough for the student, when she ignored the texts, the coach apparently threatened to take away her scholarship.

The documents also state that this wasn’t the first time the coach attempted to get intimate with one of his students. He apparently kissed one girl and sent her suggestive messages of a similar vein, and another girl left after he sent her mother a picture of his genitals. In addition, another student had sex with the coach in 2010. The school has issued a statement saying that the charges were without fact and that an independently conducted investigation found no basis to these allegations. The court case will be an interesting one to follow.

No student should have to undergo a court case to get justice for sexual harassment, but sometimes it has to happen. While schools are usually safe environments, there are some predators who slip into the system and make this environment dangerous for everyone. With the right legal advice, you may be able to make a claim for the stress this situation has caused, and you can help to ensure that others do not have to go through the same experience.

Source: News 12, “UPDATE: Former PJC athlete files sexual harassment suit against former coach” Matthew Boyd, Dec. 29, 2013